kill number 99…or was that 100?

A little more quiet this weekend than last.  I took out some of our favorite targets, although is was touch and go.

I have been on a mission t get 100 kills this month…and I am almost there..kill number 99 100 **CORRECTION he WAS the 100th KILL!!!!**   though was an absolute blast due to the pilot involved…..

8:00 PM rolled by and up popped a conversation from Lau Wensick, a British bloke by the sound of it…I could be wrong so if I was… my apologies Lau.  Anyways, I had a clone prepped to go in Empire.  Toggling the switch I clone jumped to my destination all the while chatting with Lau.

Cruiser fight in Low sec. Destruction of ship only.

We agreed to terms and the tech 1 cruiser line was decided.

We eventually decided to head to Aldril…a 0.4 system and he said he would take the security hit.

I warped to a planet midway between the two gates and tried to create an off grid BM…I say tried as the grid was bigger than 500KM.  at the 485 KM mark I dropped a can.

He warped within 10KM of me and MWD’d over to the can.

Here was Lau Cruiser:

Lau Wensick Cruiser o' doom

Lau Wensick Cruiser o' doom

SO we can see it is a Caracal Caldari cruiser, generally as a rule Caldari ships are not so great at PvP, however pilots can make a difference. I was bit hopeful ( both he and I agreed that neither one of us expected to win)

here was my setup:

Rupture o' Doom

Rupture o' Doom

Here is the setup:

High slots

1 ‘malkuth’ standard missile launcher loaded with 42 defender missiles

1 Malkuth rocket launcher loaded with 10 defenders

4 X 220 Vulcan II’s  with Barrage

Medium Slots

1X ECCM Ladar


1 Tracking Disrutor <-  very bad mistake on choice of modules…remote sensor dampener was what i meant to pick…

Low Slots:

1 Damage Control II

1 Medium Armor Repairer II

1 800MM Reinforced rolled Tungsten Plates


1 Capacitor Power Relay

So lets discuss this setu:

High Slots:

The rocket launcher with defenders was to spam the sky with defenders…if he had brought a Moa ( which was possible)..I’d have been in trouble but he brought the Caracal so I think the defenders were a good idea..

The Vulcans have a range of 20KM after that they just well are ineffective. That takes care of the high slots..

The mid slots:

Were a mistake on my part.  I meant to purchase a remote sensor Dampner NOT a tracking disruptor..gahh that was a total screw up on my part….I wanted to use that to pull him into range should that be needed

The ECCM slot was another gamble..he did not bring a BB which he coudl have so I needed some defense against a jammer this one mod was all I had to do that.

The 10MN MWD while  apower hungry bastard was to make sure that I could close the gap with him.

Low slots:

Damage Control II ( at least IMO is a must use module) many bonus’s for one little module

Medium armor Repairer II is a needed mod for this type of armor tank that is

800 MM plate for the buffer to make the active armor tank a little more forgiving

Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane…another great mod affects all armor resists

Capaictor Power Relay…as a cap hungry beastie… I needed something to help that cap situation a bit.

End result:

fight result

Notice if you will the shape the armor repairer is in….oh and how much structure I had left.

Now lets evaluate my performance.

Issue 1 Defender missiles would not auto launch from either the rocket launcher or the missile launcher.  I had to MANUALLY push the  button to get em to launch.

Issue 2..I completely screwed up with the tracking disruptor…when I should have gotten a remote sensor dampener.

Had I fit  a little more tank than this  poor choice ( he gave me plenty of time  so it was not his fault but mine…i just had a memory lapse and picked the wrong damned module)

Overheating won this fight. Without it I would not have lasted…

We started at 28KM..he launched Acolyte II’s, and a full broadside of Scourge Heavies… I launched 5 Warrior II’s ( I had expected him to snipe me in this cruisers but he closed a bit…when he crossed 20KM the SC’s did their job….but holy shit was it close.

I am investigating the defender issues as that was key to my defense and as you can tell that defense was almost non existent.

Thoughts about Lau Wensink.

Never having met the guy before I thoroughly enjoyed the fun.  A very accommodating guy, who came near to where I had my clone to fight.  A gracious ‘host’ is all one could ever ask…no treachery, no ‘you cheated etc’. He was a very cool guy to deal with and was just after the experience, I for one enjoyed it immensely and may perhaps engage him in a Battleship fight he would like to do. I hope he gets the chance he is looking for, and gets to have some fun wherever he goes.

My enjoyment had little to do with a win, as a matter of fact i felt bad that I won, cause then we could not spar again…I will not under estimate a Caracal again…and yes as much as I know they are ridiculed in PvP  Short range firing scourge heavies certainly almost did me in…remeber folks it is not really the ship but the pilot to watch out for..

/tip of the hat to Lau Wensink.


~ by Manasiv5 on August 30, 2009.

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  1. 1. Defender missiles are worthless and 99.9% of the time don't do anything.

    2. Nashh on an earlier blog post said he wouldn't use ECM again, so the ECCM is unnecessary. πŸ™‚

    3. Caldari ships are slow. Minmatar ships are fast. You'll have no trouble catching up to a caldari ship, so a remote sensor damp is essentially useless. Plus Caldari ships tend to have very long targeting ranges.

    4. Using CPRs or other cap modules is usually a bad idea. A cap booster in the mid would be better. That way you can get more cap AND beef up your tank/dps a bit.

  2. Am I the only one curious about why the colors of your interface seem to be purple and pink? πŸ˜›

  3. O yeah btw; I am Dutch (from Holland) but live in the uk πŸ˜‰

  4. Nice one! I would just add a bit, that 1 sensor dampener you wanted to fit would not make difference. To get ship at something like 20km without dampening bonuses on your side, you would need prolly 3 sensor dampeners.

  5. Thank you for your kind words. It was fun indeed! Kudos for coming out to play! /me bows

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