Hail to the new "pack" members

Horray to the new blog pack members. Having been a member of the initial crew of 25 I have found many friends, a lot of readers, and some enemies. Oh yea and a crazy Dane Dutch [sorry bro] that fought me..just teasing you there Lau wensick. If you all have any doubts about the traffic you will get..fear not. For you wordpress users who wants to know about tracking who comes… Try Cystats, it is a good package. Forgive the links as I am doing this on my iPhone from CA.
If I can help out in some way please let me know.

Welcome aboard!


~ by Manasiv5 on September 7, 2009.

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  1. Hmm.. I'm surprised there weren't any pack animal references from the Mule here. Hehe

    And I gladly accept your hearty welco…

    Wait? I didn't get into the Blog Pack? Oh, right, didn't apply. That would do it.

    I'll just curl up in a ball in the corner and cry myself to sleep.

  2. Congratz on making it into the pack.

  3. It's great to join people whom I've looked up to as bloggers!

    I second Google Analytics, it is quite a powerful application.

    Nothing wrong with blogspot either, it is simple yet effective. If you google for blogspot or blogger templates you can find some really nice themes as well to make it look more unique. Not to mention all the sites out there dedicated on tips and tricks to get the best out of blogspot.

  4. Nice of you Manasi! 😀

  5. sorry to correct but I am Dutch => from Holland (living in England). nothing wrong with Danes but just not me. 😉 LOL. btw; You lucky guys knowing how to work wordpress and all that! grr! there is me stuck with Googles blogspot…how can I track traffic on a blogspot site I wonder….

  6. Thanks, it's an honor to be amongst such talented writers and thinkers.

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