Our EvE Prayer…answered

Let us begin by reading page 1,263,786 from our CCP Bibles.

Singers, please open your strategic hymnal maps to page 91

*rustling of noise as everyone  opens THE book….

/cue the dramatic pause…

Let us pray…

Our father who are in EvE, CCP be they name,

Thy Dominion come, null sec (0.0) dwellers will be done,

on PC’s, as it will be on Consoles.

Give our moon minerals, and forgive us our blue kills,

as we blow to pieces, those reds amassed against us, (hi goons)

and lead us not into server consolidation death, but deliver us from Larkonis. Amen

For those religious readers amongst us I do not intend this as blasphemy, it is just that my EvE prayers have been answered. for those that do NOT know lets break it down shall we?

We play a game called EVE Online manufactured, produced crafted, moulded and loving cared for by CCP ( crowd Control Productions)

Dominion is the next expansion, that FINALLY will bring change to the 0.0 space, OH MY GOD am I excited about it…no more POS BASHING HORRAY! OMG 111OMG1111

Currently it is PC game, but with the evolution continuing it will be on Consoles with DUST 514

Many many people’s only income from 0.0 is to setup vast industrial POS setup’s  to harvest moon minerals from a very FEW moons that actually contain highly valuable materials for ship building ( anyone ever heard of Prometheum? Dyprosium anyone?)

Currently Systematic Chaos ( the Alliance I fly with and number 8 in terms of pilots at roughly 1900 or so has Goons set to Red, so therefore we fight them.

When many MMO’s are produced and then subscribers do not renew, the only thing left for ‘shrinking MMO’s’ to do is to move existing shards to smaller and smaller number of servers.

Larkonis Trassler was a representative that many voted for.  A phenomenal blogger Mynxee, and several other pirate friends banded together to vote for Larkonis, and were I them I’d be pissed that he squandered their trust.  Do I wish him ill, of course not, he made a choice and was caught using insider info and he resigned, best of luck mate, your probably going to need it.

Yes, I know some of the ‘prayer’, may be in poor taste, but I ask the gentle reader to bear with me.  My exuberance for the changes coming is just well…. overwhelming.

Mules generally do not become giddy, and when they do sometimes the result is the post above 🙂

~ by Manasiv5 on September 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “Our EvE Prayer…answered”

  1. Thanks for the comments on my blog about the sov changes, Manasi! I read yours all the time on Capsuleer, but it doesn't have any way to make comments yet. Its one of my favorites.

  2. Allelujah. Glory be to CCP in the highest.

  3. Awesome poem!

  4. It really is sad to have read that about Larkonis. I admit I didn't vote for him as I wasn't keen on many of his proposals, but was happy none-the-less when he got voted in. It was nice to see someone representing the lowsec denizens as I do agree they need more representation. My only hope is that the majority of Eve don't hold the wrong-doings of this one individual against all that he claimed to represent and hope to see someone once again representing our pirate friends in the future.

  5. There's another capsuleer prayer out there, most likely of Caldari origin, probably from the Nano era – something about "Our missiles, who art in launchers…" etc – hitting those Vagas for 0.1 damage must've been pretty annoying.

  6. Ahh, Larkonis… You've squandered my vote. After all the fighting that the darker side of EVE had to do to get someone on the CSM…

    Perhaps a Ninja on the CSM would better serve the interests of the community?



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