AT7 tournament so far..

So, I certainly have been looking at the Alliance Tournament 7 Day 3.

One thing that strikes me is the difference between the way that people fly in the tournament versus the way the ‘normal PvP’ style.

A big example is the IAC versus Nebula Rasa fight.  Who knew you could even shield tank a Megathron.  Well in the tournament you can certainly do that. IAC won their fight very convincingly . Granted they had the Jamming bonus on a Sin are massive so I would imagine they could jam just about anything.

Disco Rokh’s… I have only ever seen one and I saw it fail miserably…but I’ve been told they can actually perform well in certain situations.  Called a ‘Disco Rokh’ due to all the Smart-bombs put in the high slots, it looks like a disco ball of sorts.

One thing you see in both is how important logistics ships can be in a fight…and I can now fly a guardian  YAY!  That is an awesome ship.

One other thing is how much thought goes into these setups.

Light assault missiles on a Drake…not something anyone would normally do

with over 200 ships + to choose from what people can field with their point allowance is amazing.

Some very nice ships if you watched:


Proteous ~ logistics fit ( you can overheat for a HELL of a long time)

Sin~ the best damn heavy jammer in the none. Dammit I always think the Widow and the Sin, the Sin is the Gallente  Black Ops~ Thanks  Kirith I screwed that one up, 😉

Hyperien ( which has a beastly tank in PvP setups..i’ve seen one take damage from 15 ships and shrug it off

Rooks.. by the boatload

Kronos as well

Some thoughts…I have disagreed with the gentle readers many times over missile ships, and the Drake in particular.

I, like Killtoo, ( a commentator) just don’t like em…you cannot however just dismiss them with a wave of the  hand.  Many folks have used them rather effectively, during the tournament.

I was Disappointed that Br1ck went forward but you cannot ignore the power of a Kronos..nasty nasty beast.

I was extremely pleased to see Ushra’khan do well, that fight was enjoyable to watch.

Gratz to -A-, our friends to the North( even tho they used drakes…it was a good fight)

Let’s wish Sys-k well against Atlas.  Our friends to the South of us…I hope it is a good fight!

~ by Manasiv5 on September 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “AT7 tournament so far..”

  1. Sin? Jamming? Best in the game? WTF? Am I missing something?

  2. Go Ushra'Khan!

    Go AAA, go Sys-K, and go Atlas!

    Woot, for me this tourney it will be one to remember.

  3. I read your missile analysis you posted a while back and agreed with your assessment. In game I have yet to use missile boats at all, relying heavily on turret based DPS. But then again, the only E-War I have to deal with right now is low-level mission rats. Hardly anything on the scale of what these tourney players are facing.

    The obvious fact about missiles is its much harder for E-War and other evasive manuever tactics have much less of an effect on missiles – and given the time limit of the tourney and a good amount of EWAR in use: definitely the heavy use of missiles seems logical IMO, but definitely not the highest DPS output.

    AND since missiles are being used a lot – you then see lots of Caldari hulls and wouldn't you know it: shield tanking, because that's what Caldari ships are best at.

    You know I forgot to thank all the great pilots fighting in the tournament from all the different Alliances. Will have to do that in my next BLOG post.

    Enjoy your comments – hope to see more as I think there is much to be learned about PvP watching this tournament.

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