Sea State changes…

I have always been a fan of sailing, I’m not sure I am any good at it, but effort is important, as is skill. Looking forward on the Horizon to see what is coming has helped me many times in the past…

Why am I talking about sailing?  Well in EVE we pilot ships, yet these ships do display some odd characteristics.  Not convinced?  Think about the following:

  1. Deceleration , in Newtonian physics (with zero g) inertia would mean that ships would be required to fire braking thrusters to stop.  Object in motion tends to stay in motion.  This is not so with EvE ships
  2. Acceleration.  Ships in ever have to accelerate to get faster whereas ships in Newtonian space would continue to travel in a given direction unless altered by gravity of another object.
  3. Smoke/Fire.  No air no smoke.Period

So why bring this up?  Well ships in eve DO NOT follow Newtonian physics but rather it is my assertion that they display affects of fluid dynamics rather than Newtonian zero G physics.  Therefore I am talking about boats.  You still with me?

When sailing you need to know a few things to stay upright and going in the right direction.

A “Sea State’ change is when something affects the large body of water to alter it in some way. “Sea State” ~

One other thing to be aware of is the wind as described by the Beaufort Scale ~That being the force of the wind upon the water.

I sense both a wind change and a Sea state change coming for EvE.  The addition of DUST514, The change in Sovereignty system, Cosmos, Incarana ( one name for walking in stations, WiS).

Each oine of these items as annouced are big.  Taken together they are huge in scope complexity and yes…change.

Batten down the hatches folks, Force 9, with a major Sae state change is a coming…I can feel it.

BTW I am excited about this, anyone else feeling that way?

~ by Manasiv5 on September 14, 2009.

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  1. I'm not involved in nullsec space (yet), so while a lot of the changes are interesting or intruiging, I can't ring myself too excited (yet). Ambulation or whatever WIS is called this week looks like fun, but really is not importand to the grand scheme of things I think (pub games and gambling, though, hmm?). Whas I am excited about is Cosmos. As somebody with a RL that is quite full of things other than EVE and an iPhone owner, I get a lot of my online time in fits and spurts and on the go away from my PC. The API system let's me track what is going on with training and my wallet balance via the Capsulesr app, but I can't DO anything. I'm also cut off from an important set of email inboxes in the dorm of Evemail. Now, if I could pull out my phone and update my skill que, tweak a sell order, and get informed on the latest Corp op in my evemail, all just logged into a web site, that qould be spectacular. No more slapping in random skill lvl4 that I don't need right now because I can't start battlecruiseers until 1pm on a work-day. Sweetness cometh. (Sent from my iPhone, BTW)

  2. Heard this theory on EVE being fluid space before. Doesn't really bother me, but it is funny none the less.

    And yeah, I am really excited over the new changes. Glad I am going to Fanfest this year. I foresee much awesomeness!

  3. what are nebulae then if not some form of smoke/cloud? =p

    And there is air in the ship. Now the amount of smoke coming out is of course WAAAAAY more then would be possible given the volume of the ship =p.
    It does look silly on ships that are absopositively huge to have a single smoke trail(oh how I wish CCP would take a page out of the HW2 book, damage on ships was b e a-utifull there).

    Sov changes are interesting, but I don't know if the 0.0 situation will change all that much(at least not the first year). The current situation took years to get to where it is today.

    DUST no idea what/how it will affect Eve, not enough information to even consider an opinion on it.

    COSMOS, I REALLY REALLY WISH THEY WOULD RENAME THAT. Cosmos is already used for something in the eve verse, it failed miserably but it's still there and everyone who was around when that was introduced will allways link the name cosmos to that failure first. I don't know why didn't they name it Nexus, like the server-side API for the whole evebook thing.

    I'm not that excited anymore, there's been things I've been excited about and they were dissapointments. So what i'm an oldbie, sue me =p

  4. Would be cool to not lose speed after using an afterburner ^^, and indeed some physics changes wouldn't hurt

  5. Yes I'm definitely 100% excited about the sea change. I feel lucky as a relatively new player that I can say in the future that I saw "how things were." But I have no doubt that once they change we'll be neck deep in a much more immersive experience.

    Screw the consequences. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

  6. NO! The illusion is ruined! I suppose you're going to tell us that you can't hear explosions in space now either…


    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the changes coming up, although it won't affect me as much as it will others. It will be interesting to see how they handle sovereignty and the existing ownership of territory during the change over to the new system.

    Cosmos should prove to be an interesting addition to the EVE universe. And Dust 514? Yes please!

  7. Yes and no. The changes will have vast consequences in 0.0. It will be interesting to see how that all turns out, but my alliance will probably still be concentrating on wormhole operations so we should see minimal impact from Dominion (except as it impacts our common market – cheap pos fuel anyone?) It will be good that the "broken" sov mechanics are fixed but that won't significantly affect the disposition of smaller alliances. Wormhole space will still be better.

  8. I totally agree. Its like a new game is coming… Eve II.

  9. I'm hugely excited. So many changes are in the works it'll almost be like a re-roll for some of us. Getting to re-learn different mechanics and aspects of the game are a challenge I will enjoy.

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