Well right on time…

Seems as if I was dead on about my ‘Sea State’ change:

Keep in mind I AM NOT a news source my opinion features heavily at my blog.

More info on the expansion…

  1. According to IGN and the EvE tribune article which was quoting IGN the release is Sometime in Nov.
  2. Doomsdays will no longer be an A.O.E. Weapons! Same article states that they are looking at single target destruction but this may just be fodder. ( until this is released as info somewhere else this is just rumor mill stuff..but holy cow if this is what is coming 🙂 ) This info has been confirmed by Dev responses to the question thread.
  3. According to the Dev blog looks like they may just pull the plug on Sov.  Not sure what this means for SyS-K but it means that more people will come to 0.0 for sure! Always a good thing.
  4. Value of rare moons will decrease …no more AFK mining of moons that are in existing space for limitless $…many areas of space will become more valuable…also supporting a larger 0.0 user base.

As an aside I cannot tell you the number of people that tell me “what s there to do in 0.0 and why is it so great?”

It is great as YOU set the rules you live by… and for those independent minded (like me) this is an awesome thing!

two thoughts

…large alliance will no longer have dyprosium/promethium moon  monopoly

…dreads will become a much less useful ship to own. Too bad for those of you training for Dreads….


SuperCarriers! ~ with fighter Bombers

Titans converted to 1 Shot DD weapon on 1 target…Nice

Dreads and Carriers relatively unchanged it seems

go read …exciting exciting http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=696

~ by Manasiv5 on September 15, 2009.

7 Responses to “Well right on time…”

  1. More people in 0.0 means more targets for me, so I'm for it.

  2. That artwork image of the Thanatos getting one shot was amazing. I want.

  3. WOOT NOvember! Nice.

  4. But I want my dread : ( CCP was saying though that dreads are still going to be important, they are just not going to be the be all and end all they are now.

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