Loss of a hand

Alexia Morgan from the Punishemnt Blog had an interesting post “50 fights“.  It’s basic premise is that ships are tools.

I used think a little  differently. Ships were an extension of me,  metaphorically like my hand, or foot.

Let me explain, my grandfather is very ill ( he was the sick relative I visited a week back) he is a cabinet maker and a woodworker, and has been doing that  longer that I have been alive, 73 years to be exact. He is a craftsman that has made tools and while I cannot use them nearly as well as he, they are important to me. Sentimentally of course, I did not make them but once someone creates  a tool and then gives it away to you, you hold it in a special place…bahh maybe I am just getting mushy.  Screw it it is my blog I’ll post what I damn well want.

Tools to him are just like my ship used to be to me, and extension, a fake construct but ..work with me here…I am speaking metaphorically.  So, anyways do I mourn for my ship?  No, not really but I do miss the tool and how effective it was for the purpose I wanted to use it in.  i.e.. I have a Broadsword that has been with me through MANY encounters and proved it’s worth time and again, so I would be upset at perhaps myself for losing such a valuable tool.

In the past have I gotten upset?  Actually I have.  A good friend fitted out a Typhoon, way back and gave it to me fully fitted, I could not use it at all but valued the time energy that my buddy had put into it so I decided to save it.  Did not end well to say the least.  Typhoon is an unusual battleship very versatile but not a focused platform so to be able to use it well you need to have excellent all around skills, I did not at the time.  5 jumps away from the destination I got a call ” bubble at the gate’ too late and ran smack into the middle of it. She fell valiantly trying to fight off the 8-10 ppl on that camp but fell none the less. I was sent home to the clone vat…the express way as well.

I was pissed, fuming I explained what had happened to my buddy, he said..no big deal…and then it hit me…it really wasn’t a big deal.  Laughing my attitude adjusted.

Will I cry, Hell no… that’s just silly.  I know some people (specifically one JF pilot) who was ganked and was VERY upset for a LONG time.  4 Billion plus 10-12 B in stuff kind of stings.

So, learn from Alexia she is saying the right thing…let go your emotional attachment to the tool, and think broader picture.  🙂

Thanks for getting me thinking Alexia!

~ by Manasiv5 on September 18, 2009.

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