Gratz to PL! AT7 Winners!

Well..a long slug fest indeed.  I, like manycommentators, cannot stand the Caldari setups…but you have to respect what they can do.

in addition to THAT PL really really did well with their Stealth Bomber setups.

On other news one of my favorite ships was killed.  my Broadsword went down.  She went down fighting but sadly I was alone vs a bunch of Goons, in low sec. Not the place for a broadsword to be.

SO much information about Sovereignty was discussed in the tournament, more the why’s and what not but the thing I learned was that outposts will be key.  Hopefully more information  will be coming out on that front as well.

I may get to test the Direct Damage cannon on the Sisi test server.

How do you connect?

it is explained on the linked page, and connections were not difficult to replicate.

Way to go Pandemic Legion!

2X winners 🙂

~ by Manasiv5 on September 21, 2009.

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  1. It was quite the finale and PL just dominating like a true returning champion.

    Very interesting post-tourney write-up by PL on forums. Go here:…

  2. testing comments

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