That's Mr. Mule, if you please.

Manasi approached the board of directors hall.  Having received word he was needed he made his way to the directors hall.  He walked in and then stood by admiring the pretty young thing Nitrov had selected as their secretary of sorts.  A lone table with several chairs the Directors were around one end of the table.  Carl Sat in the middle, Nitrov and Gixxer to either side Phin was wandering around.  Luxo sat stately, with a serene look on his face, they all waved me over.

I had been there before, so to me nothing had changed, except the mood as I drew near things stilled a bit, and even the secretary looked over at the table.  Luxo excused himself and made for the door, ” it is late for me guys.”  Nitrov motioned to her and she left the room the same time as Luxo, the door slightly ajar, then she came back in alone with two mounds of somethign under her arm. Then she shut and locked the door.  That’s so we won’t be  bothered  for a few minutes.  Oh ok I said, a tiny bit of nervousness in my voice. “Sure thing”

Phin slid a chair to me, “sit down bro this is no inquisition”  “oh ok, I sat and relaxed”

“Welcome Manasi” said Gixxer,

Nitrov boomed “How ya been Manny?”

Carl was a little more somber with “What’s up bro?”,

Phin was smiling.

Manasi referred to them all by their call signs rather than their names, each unique among many he had known.  He could picture all of them in Carrier/ Dreadnoughts, in the elusive ‘Directors Channel’.

“What’s up guys?”  Manasi asked.

The only one missing was Luxo, who living in the Netherlands and still had a job, was sleeping by now.

Carl began, “Manasi we were trimming down the list of people in Corp and realized we had to many pilots with the name beginning with ‘M”. “Oh?” I replied is that so? Last I remember there were two?”

Gixxer intoned, “So just undock from your ship drag it all to Corp and bail ok?”.

“Sure”, I responded, “lemme just steal the Master Wallet blind first and  take all your jump fuel ok?.

“No problem” Said Nitrov.

Phin said, “Damn guys he is ready!” They all laughed out loud.

Inside my head I was wondering wtf are they talking about?

Carl said, “Manasi we want you to be a Director.  What do you say?”  I gulped, ” sure thing, whatever I can do to help the Corporation members.  “that’s what we wanted to hear said Gixxer and Nitrov. “that’s exactly what we wanted to hear”

The Pretty young secretary walked over handed me a jacket and said “congratulations Director Manasi”

Then the information dump began, and kept going, and going ,till Carl said “it is late here I gotta roll”

Before he left I said to the ones present.  ” Thanks guys, I really appreciate the trust you’ve shown in me.”

Such was my day yesterday.

Mules really do carry burdens well.  Sure footed, they rarely stumble, and with stubborn pride they proclaim ” I will DO this”

My life with Ceptacemia changed, for the better.  Ceptacemia is a tight bunch of guys (+2 ladies) that have been together for, well, for quite a while.  Ceptacemia has players all over the world, but is still a tight knit group.  I am very privileged to be a member and even more privileged to be friends with them all.

Now I am Mr. Mule, not just TheMule. What will I do as a Director?  Not sure, Pretty much what I have always done, fight hard, teach others, and continue learning EvE.  I still have a ton to learn, about Corp management.  The one thing I will say is that I always felt trusted and this is well just icing on the cake to me.

If any of you have good corp management tools please feel free to pass them on.

~ by Manasiv5 on September 22, 2009.

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  1. Congrats on the promotion Mr Mule, well deserved i am sure!

  2. Gratz Mule! (I mean Mr. Mule…)

  3. I'll second that congrats! And yeah. Mules do carry burdens well, but tend to be an ass in the process….just sayin. šŸ™‚

  4. The rule that no good deed goes unpunished continues šŸ™‚ Congrats!

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