Once you go +5…Cloaking issues

So, for those unawares I am +5 in security status, this wasn’t through careful calculation, or planning this happened many months ago(about 18 to be exact).  Lau Wensik noted it when I fought him as part of the “Celebrity Death Matches”, no I didn’t, nor would I pod him.  That is just well…rude.  Anyways, so I have maintained this ability to go wherever the hell I want, and frankly I love it.

/rant begins

So flash forward to yesterday. -A- wanted some help with a tower in low security space…which i hate…low security space just well…sucks ass.

You help anyone who has been bad and you get a Global Criminal Countdown, then the aggression timer, what a pile of crap.  Someone has to shoot you first, ok fine I’ll survive an Alpha of anything in my Tempest, maelstrom. Harbinger, whatever.  Cannot use Warp disruption generators from my HIC ( which is why I lost my beloved Broadsword the other day) I just HATE the space.  Are minerals good there, no.  Are rats better? No. there is not a single good reason to live in low sec space that I can find. Quite the opposite all there are,  is restrictions.

Do not misunderstand me…I like the pirates I know.  Would I be shot?  More than likely, I fear very very little if anything at all while flying, but god what a miserable pile of crap area to live in! None the les the dwellers of this hell hole of an existance called low sec certainly deserve an atta’boy/girl for living in this god forsaken place.

I just do not get the whole GCC then Agression…what huge pain in the ass. Oh yea and the GCC RESETS when you jumps…FFS

/rant ends

So we went on an Operation ( futile gesture 20 against 180 …is crappy odds) but I went like a good soldier and shot a few reds.  One good note is I blew the shit out of a Goon Drake pilot…from 75KM no less 1200MM w/ tremor vs a slow target = die quickly, i’ve not been a fan of the passive shield setups especially in PvP, but kudos to him for trying.


Both Prometheus09 (The Captains Log) and Hallen( A merrylife and a short one) have engaged quite a bit of discussion on cloaks and mechanics and whatnot. Let’s simplify not make things overly complicated…

I’ll use the submarine analogy that one commenter suggested, WWII style mind you:

Submarine dives, runs off batteries and spots a target ( our equivalent to cloaking), surfaces, launches a torpedo and mans the deck guns ( deck guns killed a hell of a lot of shipping contrary to popular belief) and the enemy goes down.

things to keep in mind:

  1. The subs could not dive (cloak)indefinitely ( they would run out of batteries and O2
  2. They generally had to be near the surface ( danger of being spotted) to fire a torpedo
  3. They were slow underwater and could be killed by a destroyer with depth charges

Using this analogy you can understand the Covert Ops ships principals and ideas to some extent.

Did the frigging USS IOWA ever cloak?  NO. How about any Cruiser?  NOPE. Anylarge ships..No, they did not. Would they have wanted them to…Sure thing. But there isa  trade off here, and that trade off is currently broken, and very badly I might add.

Even the US military of today, the planes that evade radar lack all the offensive firepower of their non evading cousins ( the F22 raptor being an exception mind you) the F117 ( when she was in service) had a small bomb bay that ruined all the effects when the doors opened to fire a weapon.  She was also slow and was only capable of sub mach 1 speeds. So yes progress improves things but there is always a trade off.

hence my overriding thought in EvE, make cloaks so painful to use that two things happens:

  1. Only Covert Ops use the cloak, as their bonus’s allow this.
  2. All guns/ modules..whatever turn off if you DO use a cloak on your BS/ BC.
    1. No extra lag on the server
    2. no new modules
    3. no new probes
    4. no new anything
    5. eliminates any macro ratters left ( not many these days mind you)

I like simple solutions and I hate cloaks on anything other than black ops/ covert ops/blockade runners/bombers ships it is simple those should be the only ships that can fit them.

Dang 2 rants in 1 day…what has gotten into me?  🙂

~ by Manasiv5 on September 23, 2009.

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  1. Non covert ops cloaks should follow yee old startrek system of cloaking.

    When you're cloaked, your shields remain down to reduce your signature (and to power the cloaking device). Upon decloaking, there is a delay before the shields (and weapons, and in this case, modules), go back online. (As the power has to be rerouted from the cloaking device)

    This leaves any ship that isn't a covert ops class, extremely vulnerable upon decloaking, removing their usefulness in combat situations, and making them large clay pigeons upon decloaking.

  2. I would suggest that the 'cloaks' be differentiated. So my proposed solution is as follows:

    Prototype cloaks severely (75%+ across the board) penalise every facet of combat for any ship fitting it. They have a targeting stability penalty of 30 seconds acter decloaking and cannot re-cloak for another 30 seconds after that. They can be fit to ANY ship.

    Improved cloaks moderately (25% maybe to several systems) penalise combat ability but not so much as the prototype. In particular these systems are incompatible with the combat computer systems of most warships so are only able to be fitted to industrials, t1 frigates, barges, exhumers, and other similarly low-threat designs. They have a 15 seconds target stability penalty after decloak and cannot re-cloak for another 15 seconds afterward.

    Covops cloaks operate pretty much as they do now, and only apply to the ships they do now. Basically no change.

    The method doesnt screw up the cloaking system for the ships suppsoed to cloak, and give defined roles for the other lower cloak model series. In particular it still allows battleships or hacs to use cloaks, but not if they intend to operate as quality combat vessels (-XX% shield regen, cap size, and cap regen, tracking, optimal, falloff, missile velocity, ships speed, etc, anyone?). It would be a module for defence, not offence. You want to roll in and attack from under a cloak use the ships designed to do so.

    As for big ships (black ops) getting cloak bonuses I do not have any issue, because while the WW2 sub analogy is a good one, it is only an analogy and as a previous poster correctly noted, we arent playing a WW2 sim! 😉

    Welcome to the future, baby! 😉

  3. So long as my covert ops ships arnt touched : ) I really am of two minds about this. I like the idea that only covert ops can use cloak sbut I dont mind using normal cloaks on other ships my self (im mulling over a idea to use normal cloaks in Operation Kent). Anyway its a good idea just no one im in favour off : )

  4. I like your WWII sub analogy, and would be an excellent paradigm to follow if CCP decides to make any changes to cloaking.

    I also agree that fewer ships should be allowed to cloak. It should only be a specialized function of a specialized ship.

  5. Hi,

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but when cloacking, all module are already desactivated (unable to launch probe, unlock all current target, unable to use propulsion module …). I don't know for low slot, because I didn't try it …

    For current cloacking ability :
    – sub can ran invisible during loooooong period (nuclear one for example. A french one and a english one collide … because they didn't see each other. During a week, french authorities believe it was a container or another floating object which was responsable. It only was when the english sub return to base than they learn what was responsible). Nice cloack ? I think so. Current range is 4+ months at sea, and only for crew rest.
    – about radar cloacking, current modern frigate (another french one) have good cloack. During preliminary test, an helicopter launch from one, and, due to silence radio and cloacking, couldn't dock after his mission. It was unable to find the ship.

    But these are example from modern cloacking technology, not first iteration.

    But, in eve, cloacking is really broken, and must appear like probe in directionnal scanner, in order to know if a ship is here or not.

  6. nice post. and ooo! i like it when you get angry! =)

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