Changes they are a coming

I have been keeping my eye on all the changes coming to EvE.  Sea State change post and others as well.

My beloved Minmatar ships might be getting some love , or not I cannot tell if they are going to make Auto-cannons better or worse.  Thanks to Casiella Truza for that info

The Tempest and the Typhoon also get some love as well, as detailed here

This weekend I was involved with administrative activities for CEPTA, so not much hunting to be done 😦

I did sit in my Thanatos for the first time on Friday and that was awesome!  I understand just a little of why the carrier pilots like them so much.  She won’t see too much action yet though till some more modules ( via skills) come on line…but if I need to jump it I can!

IN other news, Minor threat and Razor have fail cascaded ( btw this mean they are losing sov at a very rapid rate and will be out of 0.0. before too long)  Those that have been reading this blog will know that I harbor no love for either Minor threat or any other enemies but fail cascades still suck.

12th Blog Banter will be tomorrow so we shall see what that brings.

I am hoping for more detailed news ( but my guess is Fan Fest will answer most of those questions)


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  1. yup, nice dig at Razor but most of their losses are from the south…

  2. Kirith, check the artillery balancing proposal in the development suggenstions forum (where they are asking for feedback before sending changes to sisi). ATM it looks like they are proposing:

    Damage up 50%
    ROF up 50%
    Magazine space up 100%( double ammo in a clip – less reloading time)

    The effect of this will be that the alpha will go up considerably. A squadron of maelstroms will become "objects of fear" ™ once again as they can use their massive alpha to good effect once again.

    There are other changes to the ammo happening but we'll have to see what happens there.

  3. Congrats on the Thanatos. Sitting in a cap ship is a different experience than sitting in a regular ship. Just opening the on-board corp hangers, ship bay, drone bay, fuel bay, and cargo hold gives me chills.

    Why yes, I am a internet spaceship geek/nerd, why do you ask?

  4. Hmm.. Razor's northern holdings seem to be intact according to dotlan, and the stats are pretty stable as well. Their southeastern campaign is probably over, though.

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