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This month’s banter comes to us from CrazyKinux himself, who asks the following: First there was the MMO on the PC, and now with the recent announcement of DUST 514, EVE will soon be moving onto consoles. But what about mobile? Allow your imagination to run wild for a second and describe how you would see EVE being ported to mobile devices, whether the iPhone/iPod touch, Blackberrys or Android-based devices. Dream the impossible for us!

Eve with an Mobile device…How would THAT work?

Well I am envisioning the use of the COSMOS tool that EvE Dominion will give us combined with the tools that we already use to be able to monitor things going on in-game while you perhaps may not be able to actively participate in.

One thing I really would like to see is a way to automate the shipping of materials ( whether they be minerals or parts or whatnot) via an NPC transportation company. Via a contract that is viable in COSMOS, setup a contract with a NPC shipping company to move gear.  I do not mean a player Corporation , I am sure these exist, but for this exercise I want an NPC Corp. I know Courier contracts exist but you have to put up so much collateral that small corps simply cannot use them.

Remember if you wants ship you gotta have em built, if you want em built you’ve got to have the raw materials.

The idea is to blur the lines between PvE and PvP to a greater extent…

We would set the parameters via the Mobile device…as an example:

  • I want to move 250 Million units of Tritanium, or if my math is right 2.5 M m3 of space (value ~800M @3.25 per unit) to my home in Vale of the Silent
  • at 15:00 EvE time ( this is critical the NPC corp must set the time window)
  • The 30th of September
  • Leaving from a XX station that has the supplies ( either bought in advance or placed there)
  • With medium security for a cost of 900M (provides 2 frigates & 3 cruisers for each transport..for say 10 transports, which increases or decreases based on the amount of material)
    • levels of security would have different costs associated
  • I will get insurance l of 750M for the shipment ( this is held in escrow)if the shipment is eliminated or some doesn’t make it…
  • All of this once completed..would start a convoy within a given time period specified by the NPC company, going to The Vale with freighters secured by your Corp funds or insured by the purchaser.

Costs: 900M

Insurance of 750M

Reward: the goods as a reasonable cost

Risk: the convoy being stopped and overrun

All of this action to be done via the mobile device (something with a web browser)  so basically… supply chain management via the mobile device working through COSMOS.

This would allow for an NPC corp to help you do logistics and with the use of a Mobil phone to help navigate the contract system, I think something like this might work.

Who would benefit:

  1. The builder of an corporation, could schedule runs so that minerals show up at a primary build site without having to jump them hither and thither. ( not all Corps have 1 or 2 Jump freighters)
  2. Pirates would see an NPC convoy as a good target, and providing they are uninsured or lightly defended, a good source of income.
  3. The players could act as escorts, via a  broadcast to all the friendlies…Convoy coming through System XX to head to system YY
  4. The NPC’s would be for “hire’ so that money would flow back down from the block of people that wanted the supplies through them to the bulk mineral suppliers. The NPC corp could just act as the middleman, and while not trustworthy certainly more trust worthy than a Corporation you don’t know.
  5. Once an NPC corp is setup people could undercut prices/ time to market etc…based on collateral system in place.  The current transport contracts have costs upwards of billions and only serve as a target of opportunity warning to those who set the contracts up.  The costs are such that a small corporation could not find a way to live in 0.0 without a JF.
  6. Logistics would be reserved for Built ships, making them needed by corporations but not solely dependent upon them. It can often benefit a business to have supply chains separated from manufacturing…especially with  a 4Billion dollar ship on the line,
  7. Anyone who wants a ship but does not want to pay exorbitant prices for a ship in 0.0.

Well that is my hair brained idea…what do you think?

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10 Responses to “EvE Mobility”

  1. I like some aspects of it, but not sure about having NPCs as haulers to hauler players goods. Part of EVE and it's harshness is the face that you have do the logistic's your self. But I have to say the best I have read so far on that type of change to the game when it comes to moving your stuff…..

  2. I am pretty new to EVE, so maybe I'm confused … but I thought collateral on a courier contract was put up by the pilot/corp doing the shipping? (You know, to keep them from just taking off with all your stuff.) I don't see how that keeps a small corp from using a courier contract to move stuff around…?

  3. While I think it's a neat idea, I don't really agree with it. Taking key aspects of the game (supply management) and letting an NPC do it would destroy the essence of EVE…I mean, where do you stop? Today pay an NPC to move your stuff…what about tomorrow? Pay one to put up your POS? Pay one to help you out on a roam?…I just don't think this is an area that should be opened up at all.

  4. Cool idea, but I'm not sure why you want to do this through an NPC corp as opposed to a player corp! Let the market price this sort of stuff, because there's definitely a demand for it.

  5. I don't know if I'm in favour of anything that takes responsibility out of the players' hands. On the other hand, more non-capsuleer ship traffic could be cool to see and add more immersion to the game. I think this idea has possibilities.

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