Change in venue

Hey folks , not sure if this will be permanent change or not but I have changed the location of my blog to for a little while.  More info on this later.

It seems that my former blog AMIE ( A Mule in EvE) version 1 was hacked.  As a temporary caution I will decommission the old blog and move the new one here for a while.

I will see if I can move back to the hosting company once all investigations are complete on my end.

This was done to make sure you the readers were not hurt.  If some of you were hit as a result my apologies is all I can offer.  To date no one has said anything ( and in the past, people were quick to let me know of errors and whatnot but  this was a precaution if nothing else)

I do have more to say and i’f you want to chime in, as always your comments and well wishes are welcome.

~ by Manasiv5 on October 5, 2009.

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