New home for now

Hey all you lovely bloggers out there.  I am unsure if this is a permanent home, or or just a temporary one.

Let me start the third version of this blog with a little recap.

I started playing EvE in 2003.  May 30th 2003 to be exact.  yes Manasi “the mule’ is that old.  No he doesn’t have a bajillion skill points.  NO you can’t have any of my stuff.

Charter member of the EvE blogpack run by the ever loving Canadian CrazyKinux, (call him the blogfather) he might like that.

I have been a miner, (back when gate rats would obliterate you to pieces) a Mission runner ( Caldari Navy 8.63 didn’t happen overnight) and now I am a dedicated 0.0 dweller.

This blog has been through two previous iterations.

1)at blogspot, who were nice and Iliked but I didn’t really like not being able to use all the blogging goodies available.

2) at my own site ( now shuttered)

3) This version

All the old posts, comments and what not have traveled with me here so they are all still there. is my current home.

Stop in say hi and hope you l like it

~ by Manasiv5 on October 5, 2009.

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  1. Whats up, sorry to hear about your previous blog being hacked this looks a lot better and more organized. Anyway I hope your enjoying Eve still if you ever happen to play Fallen Earth or Aion look me up.

    I go as Mithy in all other games =)

    Bob Smackalof

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