End of a good ship

Over the weekend, CEPTA, and your truly devised a method of eliminating frigate class hulls from a station.  While doing so brick squad showed up, to play.  We had to wait 4 frigging days but they finally did show up. 36 vs 13…didn’t end so well…meh.

Sadly, my Onyx was lost, but as I said to the guys “she wasn’t doing anything but sitting in my hangar” and she went down fighting, which is the best thing you can say about a fighting ship.

The Onyx took the brunt of the initial damage and finally succumbed to 20 ships pounding on her and a damned Curse neutralizing me down so the hardeners finally dropped.  When the hardeners went offline she crumpled under the blows.

Working closely with folks reminds me of some axioms we have while playing.

  1. Listen to the FC
  2. When a cyno field goes up..look out, chances are something is coming through.
  3. Remainas calm as possible
  4. The ship will, you won’t
  5. Laugh, it is a game

We have been privately recruiting some new members in corp reminds me that these new members do not know us or how we react to things so according to them ‘ we are crazy’, perhaps we are or perhaps we just have fun.

** example**

A director of ours was talking in the new players channel and the discussion went along these lines:

Director “We would like you to come to 0.0 and fight with us..”

Prospective New player “well I do not have any money for ships”

Director ” Do not worry, we offer a free T1 frigates  for potential pilots”

Prospective New player “oh, what happens if I lose it in a fight?”

Director “we will give you another”

Prospective New player “Oh but I gotta buy Ammo and others stuff right?”

Director: ” no, actually we will fit it the way you can use it all ammo etc…”

…wait for it this…it is excellent….

Prospective New player ” bullshit.. you’re a scammer, no one givens away free T1 frigates  to new players, just to come out to 0.0!”…closes conversation…

Director ” Hey why did you close the conversation?  I was serious we do exactly what i said”

Prospective New player ” BS no one gives away free stuff…ever” closes conversation

We on Ventrillo Laughed so hard! Oh I had tears in my eyes!  Haha.

On a serious note if  CEPTA director talks to you he won’t lie to ya.


~ by Manasiv5 on October 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “End of a good ship”

  1. What, you give away T1 Frigates! No way! That's like…500K isk!

  2. Unfortunately, a lot of the new players are terrified of scams, griefing, ganking etc. in this game. The most important thing to learn in this game is when to truly be scared and wary. He could have just left his med clone in high-sec, taken your offer and moved out there in your "free T1" boats to check it out. What does a newbie really lose? However, we understand the mechanics at play and they do not.

  3. Hahahaha. Awesome conversation. I gotta give kudos to the guy for sticking to his guns and its apparent he's already learned the golden rule of EVE, "don't trust anyone".

    Then again, poor guy should take a breather. Someday he'll look back on that conversation and realize he was talking about T1 frigates.


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