Treaties and Rights of Passage

So, something about the treaties, rights of passage, and the new Sovereignty models really do have me jazzed.

Why?  Well I have always urged people to come to 0.0 space.  No, it is not because I want more targets, the freedom to do what you wish to do is very alluring to me.  So, many peopel I meet , and talk to sort of stop in their tracks when we mention 0.0.  Some have ideas that it is ‘key to riches’, others that they are the best FC ( Fleet commander), even further still others have ideas revolving around PvP combat that they wish to try.

I happen to like sailing and while im not expert at it, i generally know starboard from port and fore from aft.  I also have always liked any game that involved pirates and this is kind of key as why i like treaties, and rights of passage that Noah, and Torfi were discussing on the “CCP Presents video‘.

So what does one have to do with the other?  Well, by allowing select corporations to mine/rat/whatever in given systems you have the ability to upgrade them through unlocks.  This will come in Dominion.  I happen to like  industrial players and logistics guys as, without them we don’t get the ships to fly. SO one hand needs the other.  This is the main problem I have with the current system. Currently if you cannot PvP many Alliances look down upon these corporations are viewed as  second class citizens at best and ‘care bears’ at worst. In the current system industry takes place in empire and is jumped to 0.0 space.  This seperation of the industry from the PvP fleet means that delays in logistics are inevitable.

Personally this logistics issue is caused as the industry guys are seen as ‘soft targets’, and while this can be true, it is not always the case.

Treaties and rights of passage are one big step in overcoming this, as are the sort of ‘built in counters’ that people will need to have completed to ‘upgrade’ the system you live in. In essence you will need people to explore and find new  mineral belts/fight NPC pirates/do other ‘care bear’ like activities.  At the same time someone will have to protect them/ teahc them how to protect themselves

I am envisioning several things happening.

  1. More corporations will come to 0.0 but there will be less alliances
  2. Industrial corps will be needed to be able to utilize the systems
    1. mining will have to change, it is boring as shit and most pvp’ers will not do it
  3. Larger numbers of people living in smaller spaces mean that hostilities with lareg fleets will still happen
  4. hub systems will be very expensive to maintain and hold, as well as siege.
  5. Many capital ships will die to the Super weapon from the Titans.

indeed many good things are coming, I cannot wait till December 1st.  So, am I missing anything else?

~ by Manasiv5 on October 7, 2009.

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  1. Sounds interesting worth trying eve for a month?! Only if that dam corp Sys-K let back in(IMM) gives me back my pos and 300m worth of fuel they stole from me…lols

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