Listen to the Song of the Ragnarok

I was a patient mule waiting for my time to hop on the test server and dang if I didn’t have a ton of fun!

behold the Titan the Ragnarok!

Ragnaork in station

Ragnaork in station

I did not capture the  fitting ( and sadly the test server was down most of Sunday but I noticed several things:

  1. 3000000 explosive damage with a Direct damage attack.
  2. 1.5M shields
  3. 1.35M Armor

Holy COW

  • A single shot took an Wyervn’s shields to 20%
  • I was able to Pop a Naglfar ( dreadnought)  with ease…he took 679000 damage and died
  • I was able to Pop a goon Wyervn with 20% remaining shield he took 1.76 M damage
  • A leviathan I hit took 939000 damage
  • I was able to hold enough isotopes for possibly 10 shots…

I was also able to load 6 XL siege cannons which tore apart two battleships

oh and I don’t know but the warm up time on the weapon from when you trigger it must be 15 seconds or so.

the Ragnarok climbing out od the X-B docking ring.

Ragnarok climbing high

Ragnarok climbing high

still climbing


Did I mention how slow she is?

Ragnarok in action

Ragnarok in action

Hope you enjoy these pics from the test server.

CCP Weirdfish we, who engaged, on the test server salutes you!

Oh and she is absolutely HUGE!

The “sound’ is the explosions of the ships being destroyed 🙂

~ by Manasiv5 on October 11, 2009.

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  1. Meh, I should have logged onto SiSi really…

  2. Awesome

  3. Awesome!

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