faith restored..but still questions

Yes I do subscribe to the belief that most people I know are fairly good people.

Yesterday, I described an individual ( I did not name him) that stole a ton of stuff from us.  He returned it …almost all of it to be accurate. It seems I was a little bit to quick with my pronouncement of asshat status.  I now rescind that status, and grant him disgruntled employee status.

Communication with said disgruntled employee was  started by another Corpmate who due to upcoming changes was asked to step down as a director, which he did.  Turns out the employee was upset at the current directors who voted for this change and he did this to punish them…  It did not work that way, so he gave the stuff back.  The only people it hurt were regular members.  He left the corporation.  All is well that ends well I suppose.

short version: guy got pissed his buddy wasn’t a director so he stole shit, then gave it back when all it hurt were the other members.


Seems as if changes coming in Dominion have already started having rippling effects through the 0.0 systems.

Reports of ZA failcascading and KIA doing the same.  Major fights in the north, actually fights all over the place to be honest.  Aside from some very fun fights with titans when is more information coming out about these changes?

They wish to do major fleet fight testing but for gods sake when is more Dominion info coming out?

It is east a feast of info or a damned famine of information.  DO we want to prepare?  Of course, but before we can do that we have to absorb the information, analyze it and evaluate choices.  Right now we have almost no danged info which i will try to sum up here:

  1. Sov mechanics will change
    • Markers will be placed at the gates..they take 12 hours to place down.
    • Once the gates are all disrupted then a different marker can be dropped which takes 24 hours to online.
    • once it comes online then the Sov will change.
  2. Pirate ships will be upgraded.
  3. Navy ships will get upgraded.
  4. Minmatar projectile weapons might get a boost ( to ammo amount/ damage types etc)
  5. FW pilots will earn LP for kills.
  6. Titans gain a  direct damage weapon
  7. Motherships will become Supercarriers, and become damage dealers to other Capital ships
    • fighter bombers become a new type that could be launched by SuperCarriers
  8. Promethium and Dyprosium will become MUCH less valuable
  9. Dec 1st is the launch date

Naturally being a 0.0 dweller and curious about what will happen I have the following questions:

CCP stated they want the Current alliances to not be so spread out and congregate in systems, so they are adding a cost to maintaining stargates…how much is the cost?

CCP also stated that streams of income still have to flow but if you take away Dyspro and Promethium moons ( or make them much less valuable) a passive income stream, and you increase how much tax  Corporations/Alliance charge to their members  how does increase the population?  The higher taxes will force people to go to the NPC corps ( which are also going to be taxed at 11% IIRC)

System upgrades will cost $, how much? If it costs too much people will raise taxes on inhabitants and force them away which means even higher taxes will need to be raised, but industry corporations ( who are supposed to be the new passive income stream for alliances) won’t work in a high tax corps/alliances.  So when can we see the ideas for making $ in 0.0 ( if it is miners you need, ratters you want, industry guys to build stuff) you have to pay for system upgrades first then have them move in?  Come on CCP walk us through the logic.

All these cryptic hints at stuff are great for the press, but really suck for players trying to make plans about what is coming.  Yes I know FF 2009 is just over, but from what I have read they didn’t discuss specifics much except for DUST514.

I am actually not against the changes, I think they are good but HOW they get done is almost as important to  WHAT is changed.  CEPTA is  small corp and we adapt to things very quickly.  I warned the guys that speed changes were coming ( I was also happy about them as well) so we changed tactics a bit.

Bringing in Miners and Ratters and Industry types doesn’t bother me in the least, all types are needed for success it would seem, but how many?

information about the specific nature of changes is very important, without that no plans can be made as trying to hit a moving target is a waste of effort.  No, not all plans are wasted, but 6 weeks away the whole landscape is changing, let us have some better concrete ideas as to what is coming….

Let me know if I missed anything big coming and I will update the list…is anyone else out there wondering what is coming too?

~ by Manasiv5 on October 15, 2009.

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  1. Nothing to add, but I will say that a lot of non-nullsec dwelling players are watching this update, myself included. I am currently searching for a decent 0.0 corp/alliance, so I have the luxury of being more inclined to wait and see. I remember the first update I experienced under EvE was Quantum Rise, which promised all kinds of industrial changes, but ended up being basically adding just the Orca.

  2. When they started talking about the changes that came with Apocrypha, there were a lot of questions, some that didn’t get answered till seemingly right before release. Did it matter? Not really, cause it didn’t have all that grand of an impact on the systems that were currently in place. There really was no need for early preparation on anybody’s part.

    This however is an entirely different beast. We’re talking about billions upon billions of isk invested in the current mechanics as well as large, space holding alliances and corporations that rely on logistics systems currently established.

    Yet here we are. No longer talking months but instead weeks, and still no solid information. This really is becoming aggravating.

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