Grab your gear lets roll, baby

Having gear ready, locked away, and stowed, Manasi strolled over to the gantry looked over his shoulder and bade farewell to the docking manager.  Stepping into the pod it was sealed filled and moved over into the Cheetah.  A fast Covert Ops boat she had one job, penetrate the enemy lines and see what was happening.  Past discussions with friends reminded him that this had been predicted and the fact that CEPTA was ready eased his mind somewhat. in his mind he will ” lets roll” to the Aura interface, and headed down the ‘pipe.’  “lets see what these bastards are up to”.

It is never about the ship, or the gear, or who can say more idiotic things in local it was the fun of going up against a large enemy and hoping the engagement would be enjoyable.


G-Y system is under attack by Goonswarm and Zenith Affinity Alliances.  Large number of ships have appeared in our systems, and more are expected.  Living right next door to ZA, and Goons, has it’s disadvantageous { that means bad things ~ goons}and being attacked is one of those….the other is the smell but that’s for another time.


Forces Have mobilized to meet this threat and as news is received and we can post info we will.


CEPTA is now at a war status so comments have been locked down…Sorry guys but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  {that means no comments for you mr goonswarm member}


A small tip for those running bubbles, make sure your 0 on the gate matey.  The fact that I could come and go with impunity means your doing it wrong. Cheetah or no Cheetah.

/small tip of the hat to ZA & Goonswarm for bringing a fight, I hope it is a fun one.

More as news breaks.


~ by Manasiv5 on October 20, 2009.

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