devilish fun


Last night joined the op fleet and listened in to an excellent conversation between fleet members and a darned good spy.

SPY : “hey guys im in the goons POS and there are three ships just sitting here, can anyone fly a Hoarder, a Hurricane , or a Blackbird?”
CHATTER: ” Hell yes.  You a valid warp to?”
SPY: “yup come to me now whoever wants the hurricane”
PILOT1: ” warping to you now….jumping in the ship… out!”
SPY: “Hoarder Pilot warp to within 20KM of me plz”
PILOT2 ” In warp …landing  on the ship…AWESOME im 1 K from it!”  ” I jumped in and now…I’m out”
SPY: ” blackbird pilot warp to within 10KM of me now”
PILOT3: “in warp….landing…….where is it?”
SPY: ” Look up”
PILOT3 ” rgr jumping in it now….in warp I’m out”

Elapsed time: 45 seconds

Goons in the tower unable to lock the thief…pure evil and awesome

Banter in local ” Priceless”

So word to the wise…don’t leave ships in POS with no pilot.


In other news, CEPTA bade a  very fond farewell to one of our guys.  Phin Bu was my first CEO of VNCTI, and well just a damned good human being.  I am always a bit maudlin {goons… this means somewhat unhappy} when a long time friend moves on.  Phin your one hell of a good guy a good pilot and you’ll be missed brother.  Once a brother in arms always a brother.


In website related news I will be moving again sometime soon.  New webserver is up. Hosting company kick ass!  Price was awesome and service is top notch.  Once I get things settled I will be moving ( Hopefully for the last time) to that new place.  I will be able to do some development in peace and avoid the travesty that happened to my last blog at a hosting company.


Definitions are in order:

PvP corporation: An organization that sole purpose is PvP, NOT mining, NOT industry, NOT other crap.  (DO not mis-understand these things are imperative, as without them we would not have ships to fly) i.e CEPTA is a PvP Corporation.

Care bear“: Someone or some Corporation that avoid’s PvP at all costs; used as a pejorative. i.e. Look at that idiot flying around in his maelstrom with mining lasers he must be a care bear.

Industry Corporation: A group of people who track the market, play market PvP games, engage in building and manufacturing all the lovely items that everyone in empire, low sec, and 0.0 space uses.

Mining Corporation: A group that mines for fun/profit, sometimes 0.0 Corps, sometimes low sec corps, sometimes hi sec corps.

Notice if you will, the distinction between Care Bears and PvP/Mining/Industry guys as there is  one: some industry types will hop in a  battleship and pop you just as readily as the next guy, some mining corps have good PvP people that just want to hang out with friends.

Yes ‘Care Bears’ are the weak, the uneducated (in eve terms) masses yearning to do something else but not quite having enough ability or desire to fight. Don’t be a care bear! Shrug off the “i don’t want to fight’ attitude and join folks like EVE UNIVERSITY or AGONY UNLEASHED or the other various corps that start up and want some people to help them out…you can do it…I have faith!

TC and “Good Hunting”

~ by Manasiv5 on October 21, 2009.

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  1. we just stole one of your corps carriers. So word to the wise…don’t leave ships in POS with no pilot.

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