Hitting a nerve

Seems I have hit a nerve with our ‘friends’ in the large alliance to our Left.  Refer to this link http://go-dl1.eve-files.com/media/corp/Verite/influence.png

Big Yellow Group to the bottom left corner ( yellow is such a  great color isn’t it?) haha~ Dont’t get all bent out of shape I knwo you didn’t pick the color i’m just teasing ya.

Several  of them  in cowardly fashion have deemed it I should be worthy of such terms as ‘faggot’, or ‘jerkwad’, etc. That’s why I turned moderation ON fellas. Learn to read.

In other news, much ado was made on COAD about SYS-K, and the head spy guy The Mittani specifically, have been dueling on said forum.  I generally stay out of that cesspool but ever now and then other directors dip a toe in and occasionally our CEO says hi.

Mynxee, the great red headed one will be hosting a party on the 24th of October, go visit her website and learn more about it.  Yes, Myxnee for those that do not know if a woman, and plays EvE, and wait for it….is NOT a nerdy ugly woman…GASP!!!! Shock and amazement aside, I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know her, via her blog, and   due to the CK’s blogpack and  and Roc Wieler website, maybe he was pissed at me for misspelling his name wrong for so long…but I still am waiting good buddy, you said to be patient and well I’m trying šŸ˜‰  (nothing but blogger love for these two Honestly!)

Things seems to ebb and flow, understanding the flow is important.

I am trying to be a patient mule, many times though my impatience is the death of me.

I am looking for any more info on the Sov Changes to be coming.

On another note, a nice brit, and one I still owe a beer or twelve to Zapatero, published a great E:ON again! http://zapatero.wordpress.com/

Cover art is great by the way (not that you need me to tell you that Zapatero) but there i said it and I mean it!

I owe a big apology to Kirith, he does such a good job with the EAS frigates in the E:ON magazine, and well if I stole any thunder I did not mean to bro.  I read your article once already, and will reread it again.  For those that don’t know it CK was kind enough to offer his blog up for guest posting and well I sent in an article about…EAS frigates.;( http://www.crazykinux.com/2009/10/ship-setups-electronic-attack-ships.html

Over all it really is worth your time and energy to read this awesome magazine!

~ by Manasiv5 on October 22, 2009.

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  1. FWIW, I read your EAS article, then read E-ON, then back to yours. All of it is good info. As the “I hate ECM” debate roars across New Eden, it is interesting to note how few folks appreciate the Kitsune and what it can do for you in the ECCM role. The key is tactics and timing. It really should arrive off-vector and just after your combat force. The hostile jammer will be doing his/her thing and primaries will have been called already on both sides. The Kitsune arrives and primaries the jammer, moving transversely as fast as possible to lengthen its lifespan, while hostiles must now shift their fire to it and your gang continues to go after its primaries.

  2. "maybe he was pissed at me for misspelling his name wrong for so long"

    Pissed, nah? Just thought you genuinely were saying it wrong…

    And yes, you have been insanely patient, even letting me off the hook completely. I gave my word. I will keep it.

  3. Wooo! good luck against the goons, I for one are glad the NC set them to neutral as soon as it was practical.

  4. Yeah, EON is awesome. As was your guest column, and your BLOG here. Can’t wait to get a hold of 017.

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