Beating back an invasion

As reported by, The Captains Log, Esoteria has seen some heavy fighting since Friday.  Not wanting to rehash it all lets go over the highlights shall we:

  1. POS warfare just stinks, but until the new sov system is actually explained it is the only one we know.
  2. Invasions are tough to do from the attackers point of view.
  3. Fighting on multiple fronts at multiple times is never ever easy

The players involved:

  • Atlas
  • Red.Overlord
  • Systematic Chaos
  • Stain Empire
  • Hellstrome Alliance
  • C0ven
  • -A-, (Triple A)
  • Leguinae Romania
  • Legiunea Romana ( sincere apologies gentlemen)

To correct the EvE Tribune ( which I do like and do read)…SyS-k provides a hell of a lot of forces to the Stainwagon group. Eve tribune does not like to mention the fact that SyS-k provided a ton of pilots to the Campaign in 49-U6U in March and again to the losses there in June.  Sys-k is part of that group and never gets identified.

We have been left out of both E:ON magazines in the last 6 months, or any mention thereof so those records needs to be set straight. Yes I am talking to you Mr. Zapatero

As discussed elsewhere the Goons attacked us for a reason.  This attack was not successfull, over this weekend several things have happened:

  • Attacks in Period Basis
  • Attacks in Querious
  • Attacks in Delve
  • Loss of the Titan to Red.Overlord ( good going fellas)
  • 36 capitals lost in A1-AUH to a combined Atlas, Red.Overlord, with a sysk or two member in there
  • 25 Towers were downed belonging to ZA, and Goonswarm in a span of 48 hours

Hats off to the many members of -A-, Atlas,  Red.Overlord & Leguinae Romania who have all beaten the crap out of them!  You have certainly done yeoman’s work!

Saturday ( while all this was happening) I was able to hang with The Hellcats & The Bastards and some niggling 12 yr old guy named Yugi ( no, the mule does not DISLIKE 12 yr old’s, just 12 yr old’s who like to hear themselves talk ;)… amongst awesome conversations with the members of the blog-pack and TeaDaze ( who I falsely I.D. as a CCP guy)  Helicity Bosun was like a bear eating honey…well ok no more like a really persistent used car salesman hitting on all the hellcats !)  Keeping up with the chat was almost impossible to do as it scrolled so fast πŸ™‚  To all involved Thanks it was a ton of FUN!

Go read The Captain log’s second entry about it!

~ by Manasiv5 on October 26, 2009.

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  1. Legiunea Romana not Leguinae Romania

  2. *sigh*… it's Legiunea Romana, not Leguinae Romania (the guys are pretty cross that no-one gets their name right)

    Congrats on repelling the goons' invasion, keep up the pressure on the goons' new 'holy land' πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for giving the actual numbers on POS's and Caps killed.

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