Sometimes you're the windshield

sometimes the bug.

All my pleading for news on the damned sovereignty changes has apparently fallen on deaf ears in Iceland.  /heavy sigh.

in other news GREAT dev blog posted some more Dominion goodness to be coming:

Fleet finder ~ Sounds like an Awesome feature!  I have been watching the feedback on this thread for a while now so the fact that they are taking your opinions into account is well phenomenal.

Broadcast ~ These changes seem a  welcome addition although I have to hop on the test server to see how much they changed

Loot logging ~ it is about damned time.  Ever wonder who looted wreck A, who salvaged wreck b?  Who took what mod that dropped off what ship?  NOW you can know.  Holy crap!  That is just awesome.  I have never  I repeat NEVER gotten anything even close to remarkable off of any of the 250 ships that i have eliminated from the battlefield.  Ever.  Not that there wasn’t anything good there, granted I am not into loot whoring but every now and again it would be good to know that pilot x salvaged 50 t2 bits of salvage from the Titan..

There are greedy people out there, and no worries this won’t stop them what it will do is allow other people to positively KNOW what happened.  I am wondering, no hoping that Happy San loot board concept would be used.

/small rant

When in gods name will info about sovereignty be released 2 days from Dec 1?  Come on now dammit I really want to know about upgrade costs, the cost of the flag modules, how big etc…detail this shit out so that we can look at it for pete’s sake!

/end rant

I know many now involved with 0.0 could care less but you may want to know:

When POS towers are not needed in quantity, what will an industrialist who makes POS towers do?

When will component costs changes for T2 Cruisers/ Frigates/ Battle-cruisers be released…costs are important factor to alliance that build and or use these ships, hell anyone that makes T2 stuff.

When will existing alliance learn what they will get for the current sovereignty levels?  Will they get anything?  Will cyno jammers be on/off?

If people leave the 0.0 space for empire ( due to be ing upset/ need for money /whatever) you think they will mine or run missions?  They will run missions which will affect those people that engage in this activity as their only style of game play.

How will system upgrades work EXACTLY?  What upgrades will be available, precisely?

To date we have gotten the “why’s” and the “way’s” we want to do this but nothing concrete.

We have 4 weeks plus a few days till release, I wonder if other info will be coming sometime before launch?

~ by Manasiv5 on October 27, 2009.

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