A new home for manasi

Hey all, first things first…This is the last posts here at wordpress.com.

I have recreated(A Mule in EvE) or  AMIE at http://manasi.eveplayer.net

I owe all the readers a big thank you for sticking with my during all the moving around.

The awesome folks at Lonetrek have been REALLY great!  They have not paid me to say it , nor would I expect them to, but damn if there service IS  TOP NOTCH!

I have moved all the old posts and the links and well most things that I could rescue from the old home (which died a horrid death) so things wil appear as mostly what people were used to.

WordPress.com was  not difficult to use, but after all the customizations  that I do I really wanted a host that would allow me to customize things more.

The links for the blogroll will be proted but have to be hand created so it will take a little time.

Thanks again folks!


~ by Manasiv5 on October 30, 2009.

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