Patience..must have patience NOW

The mule is not a patient man.  What little patience I have developed has taken a hell of a long time.

I have been thinking on dominion for a while now and have some important questions:


How many people will a system support BEFORE it is ‘upgraded’ to a higher level etc?  How many can a system support to start with?

The New Sovreignty system transition, How will that work?

I thought costs were going to be based on number of gates in a  given system ( when did that become a fixed price?)

The new BP values for the reaction materials for T2 ships around Dysprosium and Prometheum moons when will that be realeased?

I know what your thinking…Manasi your a PvP guy why do you care about this stuff?

Everything will eventually affect me, the corporation I am Director in, and The Alliance I have been a part of for more than 18 Months.


Yes I know CCP runs an iterative process

Dropping this Sov change shit on us during (US) Thanksgiving is crap for timing.

So my logical brain gets to thinking if they run in 2 week scrum sessions when is it going to come?  FFS not soon enough is my answer.

You want to be able to show people what has been done and CHANGE it if something is way off…BTW this whole testing at 17:00 EVE time on a Friday is CRAP, why not Saturday/Sunday when people can actually help?

I think this change in time for FF2009 kinda screwed them up, to be honest, NOTHING new was announced, except Ideas regarding big changes…enough with the ideas give me specifics.

Come on CCP give us some true specific info.  The ‘speed changes’ took 6 weeks of testing to balance out, you have less than 30 days till dominion and very few people have been able to see how it will work.

~ by Manasiv5 on November 2, 2009.

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  1. "why not Saturday/Sunday when people can actually help?"

    Maybe because they don't want to work on the weekends? I know I don't.

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