Breaking Free

I try my hand at fiction yet again.  EVE monkey has a subject so I decided to try to participate….enjoy.

Thump thump thump, the sound of the “hellfire” a Maelstrom with 8 X 1400 howitzers spitting out Republic Fleet EMP  Large rounds….Lights flash and pop to the rhythm, recoils are felt throughout her hull. Thump , thump thump, Boom.

Manasi checked the visual readouts, shields at 90% Armor, at 100%, fleet bonuses from a Damnation Command ship piloted by Carl kicked in and 1500 More armor, plus extra resistances were added to the readouts…  Aligning to the celestial as was his habit, he worked on second nature and did not need to concentrate as much as he once did for a Player Owned Station take down.  Thoughts drifted to a pilot currently sitting in the Thanatos Carrier, Jenelle was a phenomenally gorgeous woman, but separation was made more difficult because he wanted her company.

Coms chirpped, “Hey Lover” , it was Jenelle.

“What’s up babe?, you alright?” he asked.

“I’m fine M, I just need to talk you about helping a friend..” She purred

He liked the voice and the thoughts that went with it ” You know I am game for helping anyone you know…whats their name? ” Her name is Shinshai, she is an old Gallente friend of mine, from Tash-Murkon Prime.”

“So what type of help does she need?” asked Manasi

“Well the station she was living at was overrun by some slavers and…. well, she was captured” she responded solemnly.

A scowl curved across Manasi’s face, “I hate slavers Honey.”

“I know”, said Janelle, “she is not far from you and I know you have Covert ops skill and skills I do not.”

“I understand Honey, I need any info on her, pictures and locations if you have them”, he asked.

“Already on the way to you ” she said with a chuckle.

Reading the output of the info Manasi sighed…The station was deep in the ‘Stain region’ of space, a single Minmatar station run by the Sansha.

Manasi’s Cheetah slowed as he approached the docking ring of the station, he dropped his cloak and within a few seconds he had docked.  15 minutes later he was walking along the gantry towards the ‘bar’ where Shinshai was ‘working’.  The third shift was starting, and the slavers were crowded around the back of the ‘bar’  Manasi saw three guards, and three slavers all heavily  armed.

There was a moderate crowd and all the races were represented.  Of the four races, he disliked most Amarr the most.  He hated haughtiness  and those Amarr who exhibited this trait.  Minmatar were normally very gruff, but having flown almost the entire complement of their ships, he liked the fact that both the ships and people had singularity of purpose. One Gallente guy was here but people stayed away from him.  Six Minmatar 3 female and 3 males were already at the bar. The Amarr slavers and some Sansha counterparts made up the rest of the room.  He was one of 3 Caldari in the room. One Caldari was old enough to be ninety, the other barely 20, maybe grandpa was showing grandson the ‘sights’.

There was a large guard blocking the backstage access, so he asked the bartender ” Hey whats with the muscle?”  The Gallente bartender leaned over “The girls they have are private property and they are very protective of their property…”  “Understood”, said Manasi.

He bought another drink and settled in one of the seats to watch.

Thump thump thump, lights flashed, music poured out the speakers the first girl was on stage, and a stunning creature, clearly she was Amarr and this got the attention of the Amarr patrons in the bar.  Manasi’s jacket and his collar hid the fact that he was a Capsuleer, which is what he intended.  He overheard the patrons talking about how much money they would need for  a ‘private dance’.  He leaned closer and one of the Amarr gestured to him  “It seems someone else is interested in private dances too”, Manasi grinned, “Who wouldn’t be?” he asked.  “You cannot have the one on stage, she is ours!”  “Oh, I’m not interested in that one, I’m looking far a Gallente girl.”  The Amarr smiled back with a wicked grin, “Oh wait a bit for the Gallente one,  I hope you brought money…”

Manasi leaned back.  Thoroughly disgusted by the Amarr he had to pretend to be interested and damn but the Amarr girl could dance.  She came close to him and Manasi’s sense’s tingled..She had an pheromone spray which made Manasi laugh…he winked at her and said thanks for the show.  SHe was fast and reminded Manasi of his Chief engineer telling him about some girl who was “built for speed’ this girl exuded that.  He said “Thanks” and tipped her some money, She whispered “Your welcome.”  Manasi had been to many clubs like these,  as everywhere else you went there were beacons of unfulfilled desires.  Sometimes to find the good,  you just had to brush away the dust sometimes. This place was dusty as hell.

The tempo changed to something slower, the lights changed color and the rhythms changed in the room, Manasi looked up on stage.  The Gallente girl Shinshai was on stage and she smiled, guys demeanor relaxed everywhere, a big sigh could be heard from all around,  She was a little over a meter and a half tall, light brown hair and a slightly greenish tinge to her eye.  Voluptuous and curvy even with all her various clothes on, flashes of skin showed with a reddish highlight to the skin.  Expensive changes to the skin to be sure.  Grace and suppleness oozed from her pores as more men fell victim to her eyes. Smooth skin, an arched back, the ability to move smoothly and all in rhythm as an extra bonus. Healthy in all the right areas Manasi understood why the slavers were protective.  She would make them millionaires. Too bad for them Manasi cared little for money. She swayed around and was a pro at catching attention and Manasi could see intellect there…hiding but there.

Manasi blinked and then winked at her, she smiled back.

Her dancing was, well… fantastic, he could not tell if she really enjoyed it or just used it as an escape away from the loathsome things she would have to do.  Sexuality was something that Manasi didn’;t judge according to otherss ideals, a wonderful face, poportional body and bearing were 1/2 of it, personality and demeanor were the other, she obviously has the body and the proportions .  Her clothes, if you want to call them that were unusual. A fabric   shawl that pulsed with different colors to the beat of the music was first to be removed.  While doing the splits she lifted her arms the shawl stayed in place while she sank down,  and hung motionless till she stood back up and placed it on a table.  Very nice effect.  She was smooth in her movements and themovements were well rehaersed.  She was covered from neck to the bottom of her feet in a body stocking of sorts that pulsed to the under rythm of the music. As she touched the stocking the panels would go from solid to opaque to translucent then lastly.. and act much as the shawl had done, and remain in place till she placed them on the table. This slow tease had the men really riled up and the ISK piled up.

A patron stood up and tried to grab her, in stride she twisted his arm gently behind back ( without hunting him) and pushed him away.  After a few minutes she was almost completely bare of clothes and Manasi understood why the man said to bring money.  Guys were dropping credits like candy for her to come closer.  As the music crescendoed she was totally naked and spun like a top, took a bow, and leisurely made her way to gather her clothing. Stunning show of Grace and style with the ability to dance and entice.  A troubling cocktail indeed.

Manasi Approached the ‘Muscle’, ” how much for me to get a personal dance from that lovely woman”.. he deliberately slurred some words.  The muscle eyed Manasi and said “10,000 ISK”  Not terribly much, from his point of view but a sizable sun none the less. ” That much hunh??”  “Yes” ” said the Muscle. He waved his Credit holder at the spot indicated by the Muscle.   “Ok,  where do I go?” , Manasi asked.  ” Have a seat right here and when she is ready I’ll come get you” the Muscle said.  While he waited he eyed the slavers and they noticed him and he was sure they knew that the money was already in their hands, pity the would be able to spend it a while.

The muscle tapped him on the shoulder, “You be nice to her or you will not ever go home again, I will break you apart in little pieces and eject you outside the Airlock, one piece at a time.”  Manasi gulped, he could feel pain to be sure but his clone would reactivate, but he was not going to harm her…the slavers on the other hand were a different matter. “I won’t hurt her”, replied Manasi.

He walked into another ‘room’ and was surprised to see her there with a guy standing in the back corner holding some sort of device.  “I have to scan you sir”, he said.  “Ok”, replied Manasi, the man continued “1.9304 Meters, 97.5 KG”, no known diseases or hazardous chemicals, slightly intoxicated.  He is clear..”

Yet another room was decorated nicely, she sat down across from him and said “What do you want?”  “Anything you will give me..” he winked, and she laughed.  “Well it will cost you ISK…”, this time he laughed, ” No worries, I have plenty of money.” She sighed, ok well a dance is 10K,  a 30 minute mini show and is 50K,  if you want to touch me is is 100K, if you want more than touching it is 150K, if you want anything more than that  it is 250K.  Anything over 4 hours it is 500k.” Manasi smiled, ” fair enough how about I transfer 1,000,000 ISK and we have 12 hours?  ” Her eyes arched up,  “Fine by me” she said, “although, if you fall asleep it still counts towards time”  “no problem” said Manasi.

She came over and breathed in his ear ” Just hand over the ISK and your good to go, just don’t hurt me”, he slid the credits holder over to her. ” Here you go…”.  She scanned the holder and handed it back.   She settled in his lap and gazed at him, very intoxicating he thought, she reached over to kiss him and he said very softly, ” Shinshai, I am here at the request of Jenelle Forsythe, and I have come to help you.” She kissed him anyways and then breathed, ” There are cameras everywhere and audio pickups, so  the only place we can go is the bath room, so say out loud that’s what you want to do…”

He said loud enough, “I want you.. without any clothes in a bath…right now ”  As she walked towards the room she shed her robe and revealed her wonderful body.  A muscled and perfectly proportional leg ended at a wonderfully round…whew.  Perfectly formed breast upturned just a little, reminded him of Jenelle.  Twangs of the single life still reflected there but only just.  She would make some man a very happy guy some day, now if only they could get the hell out of here.

They made their way to the bath  she whispered, you have to get in it otherwise the sensors will alert them..”

Are you sure they cannot eavesdrop?” Manasi asked.

” Yes I disabled them from watching me shower or bathe”,she replied back softly to him.

Manasi shrugged off his jacket and the sockets were visible..”

She smiled “Wow so your a Capsuleer”… she walked over and looked at his neck.

“Yes, I am, that’s how we will get out of here once we get you free” Manasi said.

“You an Jenelle close?” She asked  “Very” said Manasi.

She said, “Well, I cannot pretend to understand why you’d risk things to save me but “thanks””.  She said, Manasi knew she meant it.

“It is a shame your not single, sadly I have learned some things…” She trailed off, as an invitation.

“Jenelle sent me to help you and I will do whatever I can to do just that including getting you out of here if that is what you want, have they hurt you?”, asked Manasi, sidestepping the invitation.

“They implanted a collar, around my neck with neural toxin in case I ran off”, she said morosely.

He swallowed, “Many men would be proud to be with you, I cannot be ‘with you’ except for video pretenses.., if you want to thank me, teach Jenelle your moves..”

“Who do you think taught me…”, she replied.

<continued in part 2>

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