Breaking Free ..part 2

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Manasi thought back to  how he came to be in this situation…lounging in a tub, inside a station, in Stain region,plotting with a  friend of Jenelle’s, how exactly to leave the station.  They had worked out a plan,with  two accomplices playing  key parts. Surprisingly one of them the ‘Muscle’, Manasi had first met, was a former slave and did what he could to get people out. The other was the young Amarr dancer, Emerlidis.

There would be no busting out or running.  Manasi would shut them down, period.

Stepping out of the bath he said, “Now that’s done, you mind telling me about how the Slavers are setup?”

Hours later Maraugh entered the suite, a small discussion and an earnest look on Shinshai’s face was all it took to convince the “Muscle”.

He handed two target markers to be placed on the back wall, one to the Muscle, whose name was Marugh. He placed one beacon behind the bar, anchored to the outside wall.  The Amarr girl, Esmerldis, who was actually enamored with Maruagh, placed the other beacon also on the outside wall, backstage where all the other dancers stored their costumes.  The outside walls would collapse and look as if an explosion had taken place.  Once he shot the wall, who knew what would happen.

Manasi slipped out to his Cheetah and made his preparations.  He then slipped back in with another dancer opening a  back door.  After 8 hours  of the 12 hours he had paid for Jenelle the paid for the plan came to life. Emerldis danced up the the biggest,  meanest Minmatar she could, and well was all over him. Pawing at him, sliding all over him until he as, well ‘over-excited’ shall we say.    He was loving it and when a slaver came over to separate him from Emerldis the Minmatar through him cross the room.  A melee was on. The other slavers entered the fray, along with other semi-drunk patrons, and several bouncers.  In the melee, Manasi and  others who did not want to be hurt  in the brawl, stepped out in the corridor.

His ship quickly undocked and still counting the seconds, …warped to a planet, re-cloaked and warped in at 2600M.  It  passively locked onto the two beacons.  His coms chirped three times , Maraugh signaling, all the girls were out the back door in the safety of the corridor.  With the station police pulling everyone out of the establishment, Manasi remotely fired a targeted pinpoint strike at the emitters he had given to the accomplices.  There were two slavers still inside noting what was broken with datapads.  The ‘removal of the outside wall was fast and explosive  this  obliterated everything left in the club through the double breaches. Re-cloaking the ship, it sped back towards a planet and docked again within a minute.  On the promenade of the station all the dancers hung around Marugh while the sole remaining slaver that survived stared into the wreckage from behind a glass wall.  The station police wanted to know what explosives were doing in the club , and were pissed beyond belief..  Marugh walked over to the Slaver and said ” I’ll take the girls down to the ship and wait for you there. The sole remain slaver name Maudeic, said “yea ok …fine.”

Manasi joined the group so that footage would be difficult to piece together and he would look like he had been there all the time.  They reached the ship and  he walked over to where Marugh was standing. “Anyone hurt?”  “No.. but I don’t think that Maudeic will be long in coming back.”

“Good” said Manasi, “Takes the ladies inside to the main deck and I’ll take care of everything.”

“Ok” replied Maruagh.

Several minutes later the slaver was racing towards his ship, a Minmatar Rapier, Manasi blocked the boarding ramp.

“Get out of my way”, said the slaver.

“No, I think not, you can thank me for destroying your club”,

The mans eyes almost bugged out of his head.  He remebred Manasi and had seen the money transfer and approved the transaction.  He had also watched on cameras while Manasi had talked to HIS favorite slave.  A spitting snarl leap from his mouth, enraged the man jumped at him.  He slid out of the way, and pushedupward upward as he slid low and the man disappeared over the edge of the docking ring screaming as he fell…then silence.  In less than 2 seconds from security footage, it would simply look like the man had jumpd at Manasi and the other guy misjudged and fell over the railing.  Manasi picked up the datapad the Slaver dropped.  Everything he needed was there.  Crew manifests, all the data from the other 2 slavers had been sent to this datapad during the explosion.  The information that they had been given  had all been used against the slavers.    Manasi walked up the ramp and closed the door.

Riding the lift to the bridge he made mental notes of the slavers datapad and the transactions the door opened and he was ready, to get going.  The last part of the plan clicking into gear. One, remove the three slavers, two recover the last datapad, three leave the station.

As Manasi stepped out of the lift crew was staring at all the dancers.

“Captain on the bridge”, barked Maraugh.

Manasi stepped into a throng of scantily clad young women and crew all buzzing around.

“Ladies if you will please be quiet.”

Silence followed.  Manasi removed his jacket and the murmur from the crew and the new passengers started.  Manasi turned 30 degrees so they could see his sockets, and then straightened up.

Manasi said, “Crew of the “Maidens touch”, I am Manasi and will be taking this vessel from here, if you wish to stay you may, if you wish to go you may do that as well.”  The former captain is dead, as are his associates in an explosion and the ‘club’.  As the new Captain we are renaming this ship to “Midnight, crew will mainatin the same duty scheuldes until I can review things.” Some of you have recieved notices of termination and a small severance package was sent to you.” better to ahve a happy crew than a pissed off one.   Some of the crew made their way to the lifts and some remained in place.  “Who is the acting commander of this vessel?”, he asked.

A young Caldari man stepped up.  “I am sir”

“Fine” said Manasi,  “You have the ship controls..undock and make for the Sun in this system.” Patch all communications through the captains stateroom, use the secure communications code Z1- Alpha.” This was a code he and Jenelle used and no one else could eavesdrop on the frequencies.  “Once the leaving crew haev departed please undock”

“Roger that sir”, he replied.

Manasi ushered the ladies and Maraugh to the Captain’s ready room.  The former occupant, now dead, had horrific tastes and naked women in vulgar positions were covering every wall, some with live motion.  He cut the video feeds and the walls went nuetral again…he stood at the window and looked out at the psaceport..

“Ladies, and Maraugh,” he began, “You are free of these slavers, tell me where you wish to go, and we will take you there.  If you have no family, my corporation can train you to help us, if that’s what you want. If you want to go home, wherever that is I will get you there.   If you want to go and dance somewhere else that’s fine, I know a lot of pirates that aren’t brutal at all and I will take you wherever you wish to go, whatever it is that you wish to do I will do what I can to make that happen.”

He motioned to Maruagh, who came over…”What do I do boss?”

Manasi laughed, ” You are  free too mate, if you want to work we have it , my chief engineer can always use a good hand once we dock at the station we run. If you want to be a bouncer I know plenty of places where you can go and use your muscle to help.  If you just want to go home, you can do that too…you have freedom to choose whatever you wish”

He turned around and said to all of them ” nothing I have offered requires anything from you, you can choose to do anything I mentioned …there is no cost, there is no payment, there is no final decision to make.  We have 21 jumps till I can get use to rendezvous with a Carrier so we can jump to Empire.  If you wish to go somewhere we will stay cloaked 14 AU off the star until you punch into the computer what it is you wish to do and where you wish to go.  Food is two decks up, showers and one deck down, clothing…he laughed… is also available.”  Some of the crew looked like they had not seen a woman in a long time. “Right now, relax and enjoy the ride while I talk with the crew.  Oh when we dock at the Carrier medical doctors will be available, if anyone has pains or hurts or anything please let me know and  we will take care of it. Your neck collars will be deactivated as well there.”

Shanshai stepped up  ” Why have you done all of this?”

“For my Jenelle, she asked for me to help, so I am helping… oh and…. I hate slavers” said Manasi.

A Caldari  woman,  asked..with obvious stars in her eyes “How can we ever thank you?”

Illicit thoughts danced at the edges of imagination and then he said..”Freedom to choose is a double edged sword, there will be no one to protect you  if you go elsewhere, and I cannot control the hundreds of corporation members who work for us…but you get to choose…make a choice and enjoy it…that will be thanks enough”

She kissed him on the cheek and cried ” thanks..”.

“No worries dear” he said while smiling.

Course plotted he made his way to a communication control.  Maraugh stopped him with Shinshai standing there.  Maraugh picked him up and bear hugged him till the breath whooshed out of his lungs, then said, ” Sorry, did I hurt you?”

Manasi gasped for air…”No…… but don’t hug me that hard again ok?”  Maraugh laughed loud and hard…”Ok”.

“You going to talk to Jenelle?”  asked Shinshai, ” Yes as a matter of fact I am,  we are 14 AU from the star and with 2 slavers dead blown up in the ‘accident” and another hopefully drifting outside the bottom of the airlock, you should be safe from the nueral toxins till we get the Carrier.  Want to come and talk to Jenelle?”

“Sure!” both Maraugh and she agreed.

Jenelle was in a  whispysheer robe standing in her cabin when the video comms came through, Maraugh whispered to Shinshai,” see how pretty she is…”

“Jenelle!” exclaim Shinshai, “How can I ever thank you?” tears flowed down her face…3 months of waiting with only Maraugh to make sure I did not get beaten or hurt…” I would not have lasted another week.” They drug alot of the girls, abuse them, use devices…” “it is horrible how they treat them, some will have scars….” It is terrible she cried. ” that last Slaver would torture the other girls but Maraugh convinced him becasue I made the most money i should not be tortured or beaten..”

“Relax Shinshai, no one will harm you now…”, Jenelle said softly to her.

“Everything go well M?” Jenelle asked. “You didn’t tell me we had company or I would have dressed more appropriately ”

“Yup, 2 slavers dead, 1 more hopefully so, 23 female passengers 1 large Minmatar, Manasi gestured to his left and me.” all safe awaiting the go ahead.”

“Understood, glad your well, she bowed low to the Minmatar, greetings and well met, as she bowed the glphys on her arm glowed.  The big guy dropped to one knee, I am honored to meet you…your..he stammered..” She finished for him “My husband, informed me that you helped the girls out where you could, and if we can repay your courage in some small way, say the word.” Manasi chimed in “don’t make him hug me again, he almost broke me in two” , he laughed.  “Shinshai I hope you will come about the “Twilight Dream” with Manasi once we get all the girls to where they wish to go…”

“You are in the Carrier, Jenelle?” Asked Shinshai incredoulosly,  “Indeed I am, my husband has helped me as well dear.”

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