Walking a very thin razor

Well much thought has gone into Dominion, sadly I am a bit more pessimistic about it’s deployment. Why? It comes down to money & grinding. Specifically the ability for any system to allow people to make money ( under the new system).

Currently, if you want to run missions, rat, run complex’s or whatnot you need a specilized ship to do so. Others can be adapted quite well but for th most part we are talking about Raven’s Golems, an occasional nightmare and a Vulture or two. The way they are fit is generally very costly and are designed to push through missions as fast as possible in a given time period. They do not stand a chance in PvP and that is the risk/reward. Risk is losing the ship to PvP’ers for the reward of really being able to grind through some sort of anomoly or rat or whatnot.

Enter Dominion.

100 people trying to vy for Rats/ Plex’s / Anomolies simply just will not cut it. Perhaps in systems that are fully upgraded ..but how do you get the upgrade? you have to grind. I refuse to do that. REFUSE. Yet how else are we to make $? Mine? Not something I like/ enjoy/have a desire to do. Mission running ? Likewise not something I wish to do. Ratting is all that is left and oh yea…they are not touching the true security of systems ( which affects rats and spawning etc…)

I am not alone in this, many in my corp have been really quiet as well, with the release of MW2 for COD2, Left 4 dead 2, Dragon Age: Origins etc…

The one universal thing…we all need $ to fly ships, and a great many hate to grind.

It was why I left every other game in existence, and play only 1. EvE.

More will surely be coming out as trying to gather all the info about every damned change is just almost impossible. The forums are alight with people, some complaining, others whining, yet others emo rage quitting.

Remember the curse, you will live in interesting times…

~ by Manasiv5 on November 20, 2009.

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  1. Uhm, how do you currently make your ISK then if not through some kind of grind?

    And the situation you outline pre-Dominion, is that not a grind?

    Your post confuses me so that's why I ask.

  2. I just want to note, CoD2 has been released in ’05, MW2 (eleventh installment) is the one released a few days ago. That’s all i wanted to say 😛

  3. Ninja salvaging is looking better and better, eh?



  4. I disagree with the concept that large alliances (say Goonies) just "do not want to share" etc. I think the Goonies, Atlas, etc. all wanted to see improvements to the game. Many of them attended the Fanfest and spoke at the Alliance forum. If you read the responses to the initial dev blog thread – all the major alliances were prepared for a moon-goo nerf and even shrinking empire lines. No – there isn't this alliance xenophobia. Don't buy it.

    The problem wasn't the stated goals of sov changes – that a good number of players were excited about at least when first announced at fanfest. The problem now is the actual implementation to achieve the goals. And there is no doubt in my mind that the implementation has been met with MAJOR negative feedback – and it is unfortunate that CCP decided to release the actual detail of the changes just 2-3 weeks before release. Leaving them no room at all to change anything based on player feedback – other than having to scrub plans for another 6 months. Mothership anyone?

    The goal was indeed to open up new players to the nul-sec experience. But just exactly is the nul-sec experience? A clone of the hi-sec experience? What changes did CCP make to entice more players into nul-sec? Increased the random table generators on pirates, anomalies and mines. Well that's imaginative I guess. It sort of screws over all those players that don't really enjoy that type of activity and just happen to be playing in nul-sec at the moment – probably because there is a greater emphasis on PvP than PvE.

    There is no doubt these changes will make life different for everyone in nul-sec (or maybe not come to think of it). Maybe not much will change at all – if Goonies are right about being able to spread out there passive income across Moons. It's the big alliances that will continue to survive with these new changes – and the smaller entities that IMO will struggle even further.

    The design is weak. And the feedback has been overwhelmingly negative. But we're going to get this Sov release whether we want it or not it looks like. And I guess the new talking points are: well it's change, so that's a good thing – even if it doesn't really achieve any of the goals everyone was excited about.

  5. The fundamental disconnect between what the developers are discussing in the developer blogs and what is occuring in the forum and blogs is simply this: Large corporations / alliances with significant power / prestige in eve simply do not want to share with what they see as outsiders … In order to maintain the large alliances and everything that goes with that you will have to accept a large number of people that you have never had to deal with before now. The mechanics of the changes to SOV aren't really being debated .. timers , immunities, ship changes… most people are focusing almost all the criticisms and complaints toward the upgrade package. The debate over the upgrade package began with complaints about cost … I think the real issue there was that lots of large alliances and active forum voices looked at the costs and calculated that there was simply no way they could maintain their alliances with the passive income nerfs and decided to raise hell.

    The entire purpose that I see this expansion serving is to open up to more players the 0.0 experience .. Let's be honest about the fact that there are a significant number of established players in that space who disagree rather strongly with that and they would be voicing that opinion regardless if the upgrade packages being adopted generated 10 new plexs or 1000 new plexs… the exact amount of the upgrade isn't really the issue … its how many people do I have to go to high sec and recruit to maintain my power base and how much of a profit cut do I have to give up to the newcomers?

    It's in the nature of established authority / power blocs to resist any changes that threaten their short term interests. I hope that your experience in the game isn't made less fun, but the longer term interests of the game require creating a system that moves people into the greater game being played in 0.0

    If you truly love PvP …. then living in interesting times that move the major powers of eve around in a scramble to establish and keep a new base of power in a world different than the old ought to generate excitement… Why not turn attention to how you can take advantage of that situation instead of searching for a way to deny it?

    • I am not sure I am trying to dent it…rather understand it. I have been wanting info and now that it has come out it is..well just not what was expected. I do not want the PvE to come to 0.0 I want it to be about the fight and primarily that is it. Sadly we do not KNOW all the mechanics nor the situation we will be shown, too much has changed from initial blogs and way too many changes have happened. I simply do not want to grind to have to make money.

  6. >> The one universal thing…we all need $ to fly ships, and a great many hate to grind.
    >> It was why I left every other game in existence, and play only 1. EvE.

    You know, it does seem to be a curious phenomena in MMO's today, this odd emphasis on introducing
    more grind – and assuming players will enjoy the additional grind.

    I wonder how this mindset instills itself into a game's development process or why a number of
    MMOs end up often moving in this direction – increasing grind in the game? Is it because MMO
    development is primarily computer programming – and the programmers have an undue influence that
    assume grind is good? Is it just a kinda of unimaginative – less creative way to improve your
    game without thinking about what is fun?

    The new nul-sec changes – all I can see is an increase in more grind, and done in a rather bland – easy-mode
    manner, i.e. simply rework tables for Pirates, Anomalies, Asteroids so the random generators of NPC's increase output. Not that difficult to program frankly. It's as if whoever planned the new sov changes looked at the whole thing as an abstract spreadsheet expansion – without really thinking about what is "fun" to people.

    Fun: Something new, not the same oatmeal repackaged as if it is new. Fun: Not something where you get off work
    and then realize you are at work again – it's called "grind". Fun: in nul-sec it's about PvP. Really. Why then
    in this expansion a huge emphasis on PvE? Again – it's like some mechanical spreadsheet plan for Sov changes
    without actually thinking about why players will want to play a game.

    Oh well. I don't think these changes will make me quit Eve. But many of them I think are disappointing. And I
    think many players did have their hopes up for the Sov changes only to see them dashed a few weeks before release
    – and what's up with that, pulling the rug out from under your player base 2 weeks before release?

  7. Isn't the "Grand Idea" behind all this to get high-sec dwelling, ccomplished grinding corps to move out to these areas to do the upgrading? The Sov-holders charge rent and provide the PvP protection, including the use of interdiction forces operating in the areas surrounding their upgraded systems. So, for non-PvE-ers, their grinding is effectively done by others.

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