Teadaze for CSM?


Teadaze, the commentator and somewhat EvE celeb.  I used the CSM matching tool and where we differe we do not differ all that strongly.  SO I am throwing the three accounts I have behind him.  Mainly as a member of Agony Unleashed ( a sort of PvP training Corp) I like the Idea of Agony Unleashed and after really studing all the people available to vote for I felt most aligned with him. ( in the Hellcat event I made the mistake of saying he worked for CCp which he does not, sorry about that again mate!)

So why tell people?  Why not , maybe others will go and vote and perhaps put forward someone that they feel represents their views the best.

Many of the blog Pack have said to go and vote , so rather than admonish you to do it…I did it and am telling you I did it 🙂

Our corp is in a bit of disarray,  Many in my corp were afflicted with Swine flu, and or other flu symptoms.  Our CEO hurt his back , I am fighting an infection in my jaw ( don’t know how the hell it got there) but vicadin + eve play does not work. So, I have been trying my best to do some admin stuff. Hopefully my jaw will get better and not hurt like the blazes.

In other news there is a rumor ( yet to be verfied about a delay in Dominion) if anyone hs any info please share if you would be so kind.

in the USA thanksgiving is around the corner so no posts probably Wednesday or Thursday, we will see.  For those of you kind enough to comment I cannot thank you enough.  If you have not commented feel free to do so I don’t bite  ( ok, I bite but not that hard, and with my jaw hurting no biting atm)

Good hunting all, and always check your ‘six’.

~ by Manasiv5 on November 22, 2009.

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  1. Ouch! Hope you get better (or Plan B – get enough pain meds) to chomp some turkey!! I also came to the same conclusion with the help of the CSM Matching Tool and voted for TeaDaze. He sounds broadly knowledgable and is obviously heavily invested in making EvE a continued success.

  2. I endorsed TeaDaze in one of my Blog posts and agree. Think he would be perfect for the job. He struck me as someone who approaches questions in a balanced thoughtful manner and would be thorough. But he also had a kind of a
    reserve necessary when doing politics. All around a good candidate and I think he has a good chance of getting in.

  3. I was impressed when I listened to TeaDaze on Planet Risk a few weeks ago. Definitely a good choice to vote for.

  4. Yea. I came to the same conclusion two weeks ago after he was on the Podded podcast. Just his relative depth of thought was excellent and I think he’d work to represent the player base, even when they he may not agree 100% was good.

    Teadaze 4 CSM!

  5. Sorry your jaw is hurting you, altho I'm amazed you can even feel it after taking Vicadin. After I had my appendix removed a few weeks ago I had to take that and I couldn't feel anything, so I can only imagine how much pain your in.

    On the topic of dominion I've also heard that ccp was thinking of pushing it back due to the massive public outlash at them, as well as their desire to balance mother ships and titans at the same time.

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