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So finally CCP has updated the patch notes as usual I won’t detail all the info here but they really have seemed to do a hell of a lot with the User Interface ( UI) that was, well not reported a great deal.

My belief ids that they crippled the already gimped Caldari dreadnought with the citadel launchers, but final analysis will ahve to wait till I can see one in action.

A great deal of work went into the New Character creation, I would be interested to hear thoughts on that once released.

looks like they also revamped the Agents and missions, one thing to note level 1

It is now impossible for players to never have access to agents. Level 1 agents, up to Quality 0, will be available to all players regardless of their faction, corporation, or personal standing with the agent. This does not affect Research Agents or access to the character location service offered by some agents, they maintain their high standards.

So that is actually quite good news for people like me who are -8.90 with the Sansha, ( not that I run missions now but if I did in the future it is worth noting)

Some big changes on the Corporation and Alliance changes:

  • No longer do you have to travel to an HQ to join.  ( thank god for this change)
  • Fleet finder seems to work well
  • Corporations and Alliances now have a Bulletin Board accessible from the Corporation Neocom window.
  • Each corporation and alliance can have a maximum of 10 bulletins of up to 2000 characters each available at once.
  • The role “Communications Officer” has permission to add/edit/delete bulletins for the corporation and alliance.
  • The bulletins are cached for 15 minutes so if you make changes expect up to that long to pass before other people will see it.

Now as a Director for my corporation I wonder what these will do?  Seems promising…I wonder if they will add some functionality…

Oh for the loveof god…the Naglfar has a missile bonus? as if anyone will use it now? What a waste..

The Naglfar has a new bonus: 5% bonus to Missile Launcher rate of fire per level of Minmatar Dreadnought Skill. In exchange, the Naglfar has lost its bonus to projectile rate of fire.

Missile do not do well in PvP, maybe this will be changing…who knows…[the reason for the complaint is people do not like to have them in fleets to begin with as they tend to bump every other damned ship around them so this just further adds to the issues with it.]

CCP did change projectiles a bit, more tinkering will have to be done to see what these changes actually bring for us Minmatar Pilots.

Some very interesting changes to skills, most made easier to acquire, some are very valuable. From the patch notes:

  • Hacking has the following prerequisites: Science level 3(down from level 5), Electronics Upgrades level 3(down from level 5), Electronics level 1 (down from level 2), Engineering level 1 (down from level 2)
  • Archaeology has the following prerequisites: Science level 3(down from level 5), Survey level 3 (down from level 5), Electronics level 1
  • Salvaging has the following prerequisites: Mechanic level 3, Survey at level 3 and Engineering at level 1
  • Cloaking has the following prerequisites Electronics level 4 ( was 5)
  • High Speed Maneuvering has Navigation at level 3 and Afterburner at level 3 as its prerequisites (instead of all at level 4)
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation has Engineering at level 3 as its prerequisites(instead of level 4)
  • Trajectory Analysis has Gunnery at level 4 as a prerequisite (instead of 5)
  • Bomb Deployment has missile bombardment at level 4 as a prerequisite (instead of level 5)
  • Mining Upgrades now has Mining at level 3 as a prerequisite (instead of 4)
  • Thermodynamics has Engineering at level 5, Energy Management at level 3(instead of 5) and Science at level 4

Sometimes I wonder if starting over again might now be worthwhile as I spent SOO much time training some of these to level 5…:(

Two very nice changes to the character sheet:

When opening the character sheet you will no longer see the typewriter effect in the character information – the text will be displayed instantly.
The location of your clone is now displayed on the character sheet under the clone grade.

Thank goodness about damned time if you ask me.

Lastly the number of fixes to the UI is well..just astounding. I have yet to wade through them all but holy moley.

TC till next time, and good hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on November 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Patch notes Manasi style”

  1. Roger that. Thanks for the clarification. Batten down the hatches and load that long skill. See you on the other side of the patch. 🙂

  2. "…the reason for the complaint is people do not like to have them in fleets to begin with as they tend to bump every other damned ship around them…" Please explain this as I am curious about "bump" in this context.

    Re: Skill changes. I'm with you. I've also got most of these to Lvl-V as well. I've got a throw-away slot or two lying around and may have to try this whole Epic Arc/NPE stuff. We'll see. I hate to take training times from my mains.

    Mynxee's done an analysis as well at her blog.

    • in big fleets when the big capital dreads land they jostle around a TON. Everyone hates it when the Naglfar is ina fleet as it is too tall ( sort of liek a control tower in fleet) so it bumps all the others ships when it aligns…

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