Maelstrom changes & other news

Yes indeed.  I wanted to check out the new projectile capabilities with 1400’s T2 variants.  The trade off in a longer cycle time is big for the alpha hit.  In the past my 1400’s loaded with carbonized lead would do crap damage. Now they do less than crap.  Where things get particularly interesting is the close in ammo.  hitting belts around my new home system I checked out it potential firepower.

EMP kick ass up close.( aprox 30km) i shredded two BS hulls without having to reload the guns, very respectable.  I did not do any calculations and whatnot but I will at some point, providing no tweaks affect these guns again.  The magazine size moved from 14 to 20, which in the long run means I can fit  a bit more ammo, than in the past.

So, yes right now the Maelstrom can rat, not going to be it’s main purpose but it can do the job without even changing a fitting. I totally approve of the gun changes.

I will try out my Tempest this evening as well.

In other news Roc Wheiler is giving away some nice things , because he is just that type of person that likes to share stuff, keep him bookmarked and check his site :

Someone send CK some love he gets people telling him what to post on his site.  Glad they do not do that here, I’ll tell em to piss off.

Dante has it right on this post here: I see nothing wrong except I actually LIKE Swedish people, English(UK) people, Germans,and Italians as well as quite a few others in Europe 🙂

Alexia Morgan needs to check otu Agony Unleashed maybe they could work with O.U.C.H.

A huge, “way to go” to Teadaze from Agony unleashed as well for being on the CSM.

Seems as if a dust up of sorts hit the Suddenly Ninjas corp with Cyberin leaving them to join “the Tuskers”, I like both groups actually, so I wish them both well.

Thats it for today more screen shots and such tomorrow as I promised.

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  1. What? Two shoutouts in one week? Am I getting famous now? Where's Nashh? 😀 lol

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