Argghh the death of a system

So my venerable system running the RC of Windows 7 decided to give up the ghost.  It died a cruel hard death, so I am rebuilding it as we speak ( no there was no fire or anything like that idiot me tried to upgrade an OS that well really should NOT be upgraded)

So after much digust, several curses flying about and some generally bad behavior my wife had to endure, a rebuild is upon us.

Yea all the data is backed up, yea I knwo what I am doing and in about 3 hours all will be ship shape but well dammit I wanted to do something OTHER than rebuild my pig…meh such is life I guess.

I have multiple replacement parts so that when something breaks no worries, and I have redundant backup systems to protect stuff but the actual doing can be a HUGE pain in my ass.  There…enough complaining.

So, it seems that I started a little ruckus, as is sometimes my want ( although not in this case) and well to make a long story short, I disagreed with people on a point or two.   Tis ok, folks were good natured about it and such so that always makes it 10X easier to discuss something.

…and my CD-Rom drive just died…lovely.

time to boot up backup system 1 and rebuild it…deep sigh

The benefit of planning is having the ability to have a system ready to be used for a backup.  The downside is that it is still work 😦

Well anyways here is hoping my corpmates read the blog eh?

~ by Manasiv5 on December 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Argghh the death of a system”

  1. Good luck. Not to worry, Tranquility is having a very bad night so you’re not missing much.

  2. knock on wood … my system working lock the rock of gibraltar. but if something goes wrong, not a lot of back up. So good thinking on your part to have backup. I'd like to work my way to the point some day.

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