Some questions, some answers

Logged in last night to find our I-Hub had been dropped. Very very nice.

I went out to it an did some interaction with the hub and the interface seems rather straight forward.

The big question is what happens on the 8th of December? The strategic upgrades were brought online for 7 days to give us a shot at keeping the systems online, but what exactly will happen on the 8th?  If you do not have the cyno generator upgrade and yet your running a cyno gen does it go dark?  My initial thoguht is yes, that is precisely what it does.  Here is the problem the modules are too big. Period.  No way in hell, should they have been 750,000 /m3.  In order to get all the strategic upgrades, that would require 4 modules at 400,000 m3 each. even if all modules fit in a jump freighter it would have been difficult but come on, making people drive the freighters 50- 60 jumps is ludicrous.  yes you can Titan bridge but how many small alliances have those?  How many are willing to drive a prize investment x amount of distance ina  damn charon or Obelisk?  Stupid in the extreme. Meh I am not a designer but that part really shoudl ahve been thought out a bit more if you ask me.

I do not mind hard things, I actually prefer them, but ludicrous things, I draw the line at.

**## note to others DO NOT turn off your Terirtorial Claim Unit##** A friend of mine made this mistake and it was a fatal one, they lost all the time needed (strategic upgardes are time based) so now when they re anchored it they cannot use a cyno generator.

If you look in the new Sovereignty window at changes tab, you can see changes in sov to friends and enemies and who claims what system etc.  Ths area also listed the number of cyno fields, podkills, and various little other areas that are cool to browse through.  Nice feature to be sure.

I will post more as I learn more.

Take care and …Good hunting!

~ by Manasiv5 on December 4, 2009.

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  1. Keep in mind too that Freighters are pretty damn cheap compared to the alternatives. If living in 0.0 required a JF that is actually a much larger barrier to entry from a skills and isk perspective. I think most alliances didn’t really consider moving to 0.0 without a JF in the past. Also T1 freighters are insurable and take no fuel so you really just need some military force to protect them which again you presumably have if you are moving to 0.0 at all.

    I see where you are coming from tough, at first glance it does seem like a daunting proposition. In any case best of luck getting it done! 🙂

  2. All 0.0 alliances used to make freighter runs on a regular basis back in the days before the JF was introduced. Considering this is something that only needs to be done when taking territory it seems a reasonable trade off. It is certainly doable and it makes for more combat opportunities for everyone and therefore more fun in 0.0.

    Perhaps deep 0.0 residency is going to be more for larger alliances and smaller alliances will be forced to work with 0.0 systems not so many jumps from empire. All in all certainly not the end of the world just a matter of proper planning. I would think that if you don't have sufficient forces to defend a freighter convoy you probably don't have the force to hold 0.0 territory anyway.

    Just my thoughts.

    • Yea your prolly right , on second thought..perhaps I was just being selfish, but when does the risk of being 60 jumps away = reward for being so far out? My old home in YXIB in the Vale of the Silent was much more lucrative & it was much closer as well, but your right there are trade-off's. Still why some small corp woudl NEED a freighter just to live in 0.0 seems, well just another barrier to entry. They coud have made it easier for starter alliances/ corps to come to 0.0, rather than making it harder.

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