oh jumping my life away

“Well, the midnight headlight
Find you on a rainy night
Steep grade up ahead
Slow me down makin’ no time
I gotta keep rollin’
Those windshield wipers
Slappin’ out a tempo
Keepin’ perfect rhythm
With the song on the radio
Gotta keep rollin'” ~Eddie Rabbit


Ok so I am am not Eddie Rabbit… ( although I like his songs)

So there I was last night jumping all over creation in Esoteria/ Stain / Feythablois etc..

I was doing some logistics works with CEPTA to move our gear to our new and proper “home”.  Weird thing about some stations that don’t have a manufacturing slot, how do you build station containers/vaults?

After my debacle Friday night, I was finally able to get things back up to speed with my rebuilt Windows 7 box.  Love that OS more and more, remember and learn from Manasi’s mistake do not try to upgrade the RC.  Just do not do it.  I tried a shortcut that ended costing me about 5 hours I could have spent else wise doming something in EVE.

A small plug for two awesome programs, that saved my bacon:

  1. Carbonite ~ online backup that just works and works well at that lost no data what so ever.
  2. EvE online repair client utility ~ http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=719

The repair utility is very cool, I was able to move a saved copy of my EVE folder compare it to the client hosted on the server to see if I needed anything. One small tidbit that I will add to an evelopedia article, if your using Windows 7 you ahve to run the Directx installer for Direct X 9 ( I would assume that you shoudl also run this isnstaller if your doing the same procedure with Vista.  How did it work:

  1. Moved EVE folder to the new location
  2. Once there I opened up the folder and navigated to the repair utility
  3. I ran the utility
  4. I navigated to the DirectX folder (under the BIN folder)
  5. I ran that installer for DirectX 9
  6. I created a shortcut to the EvE executable and launched it
  7. easy peasey lemon squeezy

On a side note, my client overview settings DID NOT COME OVER, which led to an interesting goof on my part Saturday:

An Alliance op was called and we navigated to an area of high security space, no problem all went well.

I was in a stiletto tackler and things were peachy

A War Target un-docks and I see him all flashy flashy on my screen. SO I try to lock him and warp disrupt him except that somehow I warp disrupt the station instead of him?  No, my log didn’t show anything.  Others in fleet posted it for me but concord guns blew my lil ship away.  Now granted I have been a dweller of 0.0 for a long time, but I could have sworn that I had his ship locked ( I know it wasn’;t the station), then well then it hit me.  He had evaporated under fire and I looked at my settings and I had auto target (it’s default setting) on 1 target.  SO, I can only surmise that in the split second I ahd him targeted he evaporated and then somehow my auto re-targeted the station and I disrupted the station. COCORD blew me up.

So, word to the wise:

  1. SAVE your damned overview settings
  2. EXPORT the somewhere safe
  3. IMPORT them when you rebuild
  4. Disable your auto target

Until next time, good hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on December 7, 2009.

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