Mining…lord help us.

God almighty it is like kindergarten all over again.  One of the military upgrades that we have to do requires that we mine.  Dear lord, please do not ask PvP’ers to mine.  In all seriousness I really did hop out and well protect some miners.  One of the military upgrades, requires we get industry to a certain level

On the good news one of my alts can fly a roqual and did so for the latter part of this OP.

8 guys mostly mining in hulks/retrievers netted something close to 10M trit, 3M pyrox 350K Isogen+ mex things could have been much worse.  I jest of course..   When I started this game in 2003, I was a miner as was just about everyone else. ENougfh about the past.  On to the future.

One little niggling complaint is this:

When you reach level 5 in any particular area you cna lose it in as little as 1 hour.  Is that working as interned?  I think not, the decay of levels is understandable …but 1 hour?  give me a break, how is a US TZ ( Yes the USA has 5 Time Zones, more if you include Hawaii & Guam & Puerto Rico but bear with me) corporation supposed to be able to keep up…or is that the plan? Seems kinda Off to me yes some decay but to hit level 5 onyl to drop back to lev 4, 1 hour later seems…off.

The roroqual is a funy beast is warps sideways or nose forward, and seems as if it’s rudder is askew.  I did snap a picture or two now that the Windows 7 box is running at full speed finally, ( I had turned graphics down a bit while doing all the upgrades and with that done now…full graphic intensity )

Not sure if I will get to upload a screen shot.

Just to be fair Roc contacted me about my prize (from April) and I have been delayed getting it to him, anyone know a good program to record voices?  My microphone is ok, but not terribly high quality, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate a good program to capture voices.

~ by Manasiv5 on December 8, 2009.

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  1. um… Which particular Military Upgrade took Industrial standing?

    And it’s amusing you could all fly Hulks and Retreivers…. Not a single mining cruiser or battleship?

    • ROkh w/ 8 mineer II’s, Apocalpse’s too with the same, we have Osprey’s for that purpose should we need em. I provided cover in my Maelstrom

  2. For sound recording/editing I like Audacity

    It’s free, works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and is pretty full featured.

  3. Wasn't one of the reasons behind Dominion to be that the big boys could/should entice other corps to come out and do that lowly work for them. The biggies get the Sov bennies and provide top-cover while the indy guys get the shiny rocks and feel a part of something larger.

    • Certainly was what I was thinking but when you have a corp where the lowest SP is 18 M, we can do a great deal….intresting seeing how something went the way we thoguht and others did not.

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