Theft, Corp Theft that is

Yes I know this is a downer but what can I say I guess some will get coal or coal dust or just a sack of crap set on fire.  It seems whilst I was away, and enojying things there was a theft by a certain ASSHAT from our corporation.  The last time this happened all kinds of crap ( whaa whaa jabber jabber jabber) commenced.

Corp directors/CEO check your courier contracts system, it is screwed up.

That was the highlight of my ever so short stay yesterday when I had a spare 5 minutes.  From shoveling snow till my back hurt, to running around trying to finish Christmas shopping for Mrs. Mule, this peice of news was the ‘highlight’.  Deep sigh…yes, yes , yes…EvE is a cutthroat game, do not bother to explain that to me a vet of 6 years ( well not a whole 6 years but enough of it)  It is just that these gentlemen that make up CEPTA have tried REALLY hard to be a good bunch, and when people steal it just pisses me off.

Word to the wise, mechanacitions are already in motion and  vengence ( as opposed to revenge) will be served.  I know your name you baseless traitor and I will hunt you down ( in game of course) it is just fake stuff , but dangitt it is our Corps fake stuff and well, you’ll reap what you sow.

Enough about Venegence and what not we will let tham have their Christmas/ New years and next year we can smack em around.

See I feel better already 🙂

Lets turn this frown, back right side up.

I’m looking forward to being able to do more than jst log in and send an e-mail.  Mrs. Mule has a Wonderful present or two. Brother mule and sister in law mule also are set, Mother Mule and Step-Father Mule are all good to go.  All is well in the Mule house. Oh even the Cats have a present or two.

I hope that all ( or almost all, except maybe the said Corp thief) have a great day , whether it be blowing ships up, being around family and whatnot or just hanging out with friends, I hope you enjoy some time to appreciate those that you ahve around you.

To all the mule readers out there take care, safe jumping, and good hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on December 23, 2009.

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  1. Have a very Merry Christmas. Karma will get the thief if you don't.

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