"what's a good ship?"

CEPTA has been gaining some new members and a question came up last night that I thought it worth talking about.

New guy a has just joined CEPTA, and he asks two of us directors, what’s the best ship?

Good question the issue is there is no real answer.  To boil it down for him I thought I would let folks know what I have learned and see if that helps him or anyone else  out:

#1 rule with ship types, your race doesn’t matter, the ship your currently ‘in’ doesn’t matter, what matters is what goal you have, and what ships will help you meet that goal.Many people do not have a goal so the general direction we start them on in Frigates and Cruisers ( both in the T1 variant) If you are starting out or unsure of what to do check the list maybe it will give you a short term goal.

I will examine the races and then the classes within each race first UP


[table id=2 /]

In all you will not be disappointed  with these ships in the purposes listed

The standouts among the 5 types

Ratting ~ The raven jumps to the head of the pack here

Mining ~ The Osprey in the Cruiser class is just great at this mining job.

EWAR ~ Any of the Caldari class excel…the other races EWAR is more of a specialized usage Sensor Dampening can be used to great effectiveness in the Gallente line but work well in most ships, so there are no standouts aside from the Caldari ships

Exploration ~ all the races have good exploration ships the first ships are T1 the second are T2’s.

[table id=3 /]
The T1 Sub battleship class has a few standouts:
Destroyer class : *Coercer and the Thrasher ( the Thrasher with the latest changes to projectile Ammo load-out may be clearly the winner here but I have yet to actually test it)
Frigate : Best in class ~ The Rifter
Cruiser : Best in class ~ The Thorax (I love the Minmatar but damn the Thorax is mean as shit up close )
Battlecruiser : Sustainability ~ The Drake
Battlecruiser : Firepower ~ The Harbinger across varied range but The Brutix up close

This will get us started I think.  Just because your ship doesn’t sit somewhere in the list means nothing to be honest. Some ships not mentioned would probably be better given a different situation so what I ahve tried to do is give a list of ships within each race that can be used fairly effectively in PvP.  Have I seen all PvP fights…hell no.  I have seen a fair few though and these are the ships that come to mind

Some general views:

Ships in the Caldari line are good in groups and good at specialization ( Ewar for example) doesn’t mean a blaster Moa should be underestimted…

Ships in the Gallenete Line can lay down withering firepower but they need to be up close, as a result they can tank well and use drones especially well…

Ships in the Amarr line will just hit you as hard as possible from varying ranges, also employing drones, rarely missiles…

Ships in the Minmatar line will either hit you from a longer range than expected and will be quicker than any other class, or will close for the kill very rapidly…

I hope this helps some new players out there and I beg the indulgance of the many veterans reading this.

~ by Manasiv5 on December 28, 2009.

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  1. Great summary, it is definitely one of those difficult to answer questions!

    I think a lot can be said for the Rupture, when fitted properly being as tough as a Thorax, regardless of range. 5 x medium ECM drones will always tip the fight 1v1 in favor of the Thorax, but the overall utility and versatility of a Rupture will make it just as valuable if not more so to a fleet. Especially when looking at range and Alpha if using arties.

    You should train up for Minmatar, rust ftw!

  2. I love the summary. I would suggest the Brutix for mining as well. For a low level of mining commitment you can fit 3 tech 2 mining lasers and 4 tech 1 mining lasers on it. This gives a yield similar to that of the retriever. So if someone wants to dabble in mining but still have a combat boat it works well.

  3. @niquer
    Maybe you should update your browser instead?


  4. Indulgence? I, for one, love to see summaries like this to see how it compares to my own experience and opinions. It shows you have done a lot of work and flying.

    Excellent job


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