CEPTA opens it's doors * updated

When we (in CEPTA) heard the rumor mill start up about what would be required with Dominion we were not sure what to believe.  I am still on the fence about it somewhat (losing level 5 military, by having no one run something for 1 day seems retarded in my view) however, we must adapt to changes. We must grow  and encourgae people to come and hang out in 0.0 with us.

In response to this, we are doing our best to have a ‘normal’ corp,rather than a specialized PvP corp. Miners, Industry guys people who want to learn a bit about 0.0, are all welcome.  Read below for more info.

Our doors are temporarily open for those looking for a home in deep 0.0 … (Esoteria) specifically. I do mean home.  I do not mean a single jump clone and 1 ship. embrace the 0.0 , it might embrace you back.  She is a cold dark mistress, part lover, part mean as hell evil bitch, but she is constant in her desire.

Some of what  we found out since Dominion, and further back:

  • Providing ships for people to fly in is an excellent way to have good participation, if people only have 1 ship , they do not want to lose it.
  • Miners are needed, and wanted now in 0.0
  • With the influx of materials, we must build items with it..(Ammo, Ships, ETC)
  • We DO enjoy Anomalies, it is a good way to make money.
  • We like a good fight
  • Even ‘miners’ must be able to tackle someone & fight when needed
  • Have ships in the hanger ready to deploy ( minutemen style)

Courtesy of another of our Director’s ( Gixxer 1000) I have copied his recruitment posting page:


What Cepta offers to its pilots:

PvP in Esoteria, Stain, and roams.
Mining, with all the high-end minerals.

Excellent relationship with our alliance, its leaders, and other alliance corps.
Ventrilo server.
Corp and Alliance kill-boards.
Ships programs, free ammo, free T1/named mods, and access to all our BPO’s for building.
Excellent market opportunities (6 stations at present).
Jump freighter and carrier service to and from Empire.
Laid back environment, good laughs and good times.

Understanding that real life comes before any game.

What we expect from our pilots:

First and foremost, good times and good laughs.
Willingness to help the corp and alliance.
All pilots are required to PvP when called upon.
Everyone must have Ventrilo running & working, have a mic, and get on Ventrilo when online.
Be self sufficient.
No drama, no emo’s.
Minimum of 5 million skill points on main.

We are very laid back, friendly, and relaxed bunch of guys. Our average age is about 33, and we consist of approximately 70% US TZ and 30% EU TZ. When you join Cepta, you are entering into a friendship with all corp members, in and out of game. We ask that you are not overly sensitive, for we joke and kid around quite a bit and almost nothing is out of bounds in our conversations, so Thick Skin Compensation should be at level V.

We are seeking capital, BS, HAC, recon, tackling, EMT (repping), and mining/industry pilots. Your API might be requested at any time if security concerns become an issue. We require your loyalty to corp, and request that you have no other characters in another player owned 0.0 corp/alliance.

That about covers it, if you think you might be interested in CEPTA, please join “Cepta Pub” channel (without the quotes) before applying. All pilots will be interviewed before acceptance. We will answer any questions you have for us, so don’t be shy. Thanks again and fly safe!

Tenets of CEPTA

  1. Pick 1 race, fly that race VERY well, THEN  move to the next race of ship.
  2. People are important, characters (avatar’s) much less so, if we don’t trust you, pack it up, time to go.
  3. Have a good time, winning is important but enjoying the time is more important.
  4. Real life is the highest priority…just tell us so we know

The process can take some time, or can be very quick, depends on many factors…just ask if you want to know where you stand..

Steps to joining Ceptacemia [CEPTA]

  1. Join our Public Channel (Cepta Pub)
  2. Chat with us and find out if you would like to join us
  3. We will invite you to a Ventrillo server & channel
  4. Director/CEO will interview you
    • Be prepared to give your LIMITED  API key over
    • Know what ships you can fly
    • Have some sort of goal in mind

The 5 Million Skill points is Mandatory Requirement

We require pilots to be able to survive, seeing as how pilots of less than 30 days can have 1.5M SP the 5M mark can be accomplished with a couple of months time in.

IF you have ever belonged to someone that we are currently fighting give it up…you will not get in, we LOATHE spies.

If your account is less than 30 days old, or even relatively close, don’t bother…come see us when you have 5 M SP

Good hunting , safe jumping.

~ by Manasiv5 on December 29, 2009.

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  1. Good luck in your quest. I think your corp is taking the right direction as I listen to the moanings from other 0.0 sov-holders about how they cannot do it all – effectively – with their current member-base.

    • Thanks, I think is it certainly time to move to a more 'normal' mode of operation, normal meaning less specialized and a bit more open to new players

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