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As a general rule I stay out of  in game politics but am very aware of them.  Hallen turek, among others has talked about Prometheus09 and IMM, leaving Systematic-Chaos.  Having flown with Promethues09 several times (sadly yesterday the crow I was in was obliterated, while in the fleet with him) I am a little saddened that this had to come to pass.

I tried my best to keep abreast of what was going on and keep my mouth shut as I really did not have anything left to offer, except that Hallen was right.

Don’t get me wrong… I like Prometheus09, i genuinely do but that was a absolutely silly thing to do. Declaring war against Chribba  is not what I mean, anyone can and I am sure will do that, he is a big guy so I am sure he can defend himself, not to mention those that use his services ( both in game and out of game) certainly rose up to defend him as well.

Rather, what I am speaking of, is the use of SyS-k’s name in conjunction with his advertisement for his mercenary services.

Never ever ever provide more info than is necessary.

By linking his CPR corp with SyS-k he caused us to get war decc’d which, well….. really screws shit up when people are recruiting…

For clarity’s sake lets recap:

His actions: fine, EvE is a harsh game stuff happens.

Him being a mercenary: no problem, I know quite a few, and most fly very well.

His war deccing Chribba: silly and inadvisable but hey people do some strange things.

Him linking SyS-k ( who was unaware of what he was doing) : /facepalm

You and IMM will be missed Prometheus09, I can only wish you the best in the future mate…safe jumping.

~ by Manasiv5 on January 5, 2010.

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  1. I will miss flying with sys-k as well. It was a mistake linking sys-k to CPR and arrangements are being mades so that does not happan again (yes we will still be shooting POS's).

    I have actully joined up with Alexia in OUCH and will be helping to train noobs in PvP now : )

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