influx of new blood

Cepta rarely if ever has done an open recruitment policy.

That changed of course with our small window of opportunity in which quite a few folks signed up to fly with us.

Bringing new recruits make s us look at things from a new player prospective again and as such we have lists of things to do before and after you undock:

  1. Auto target back should be set to 0…the default is 1
  2. Overview should be setup properly ( we live under NBSI ) so neutrals must die
  3. Ventrillo is a must not a should have or wish i had, if you got no vent your not gonna fly
  4. Eve voice ( we use BOTH eve voice AND vent) is also a must
  5. Bookmarking needs to be done
  6. Reading of the corp bulletins
  7. Reading the Alliance bulletins
  8. training in interceptor tactics
  9. training and coaching in frigate tactics
  10. training and coaching in cruiser tactics
  11. training and coaching in battleships tactics

Now why do we do such things:

  • if you auto target and fire on a guy repairing you,,, you’re hurting him and you and well you won’t get repaired again, anyone ever puts a salvo into my guardian will not get repped..seems logical but it happens.
  • If your overview is incorrect your will not be able to target what you need to target or dear god you might shoot a blue.  brings up an interesting point inthat sometimes blues do get shot due to lag or whatnot but that is a rare occurrence within CEPTA and even rarer in SYS-K
  • Voice commands are the order of the day.  Multiple channels allow multiple streams of info coming in from various areas, it can be confusing but we use it to keep our pilots safe and in the right position and properly coordinated.  Without it you will die for sure
  • Bookmarks, if your not familiar with it, become familiar with it as many times it will save your ass.  I have talked many times about bookmarking and how it can save you if you want any hints ask in comments and I can add em to a post later
  • The Bulletins section for Corp and Alliance are awesome and long overdue, read em there is critical info there.

Training and Coaching

Many pilots simply are afraid to lose their ships.  They just are.  Losing the (ship) Avatar and all you have worked for and put into it is a tough thing for many gamers to deal with.  Experience is the best teacher here, none of us enjoy getting blown up, but hey stuff happens, this is especially true in EvE.

Training helps us ease them into the ‘deep end’ as it were and allows to repeat ad nauseum the line “don’t worry when the ship blows up”.  All the  ships have differences and are flown differently from each other and recognizing those differences are key.

~ by Manasiv5 on January 6, 2010.

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  1. I would be interested in any tips on bookmarking.

    I've been reading and preparing to get into PVP for so long I understand the importance of things like inta-undocks, mid safes, etc. However I've wondered when is the best time to go about making them. Do I travel through systems creating marks for everything? Or just create them on the go?

    So far I only find myself bookmarking docks I use often and salvage points, but when I do start my PVP career your advice would be very appreciated.

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