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For those who have only recently followed me I created a bookmarking guide and uploaded it to evelopdia for people to use:

As evelopdia has grown and had more people editing the guide, I must say, has gotten better.

Just a couple of points for you to be aware of:

Interdiction Spheres , ‘ bubbles’,  Warp disruption field Generators, or Warp Disruptor I/II will prevent you from warping.

  • Interdiction Spheres a.k.a.  “bubbles”  are launched from Interdictors and have a range (+/- 20KM RADIUS) but require warp disruption probes ( which only last a limited time 120 seconds)
  • Warp Disruption Spheres Generated by a Heavy Interdictos generate the same effect with a maximum of a 16 -20KM range (depending on skills).. The ‘bubble’ surrounds the ship and moves with it.
  • Warp Disruption Field  Generator also has a script that can be loaded changing the sphere to a single point  warp disruptor of unlimited strength with a  variable range based on the level of skill sin the “heavy interdictors” from 25.5 to 30KM *thanks to Minuit for the adjustment!

Why mention these three things?

if a un-docking ring is ‘bubbled’, and you un-dock from that station,  no amount of bookmarks will save you.

‘Probers’ (those with expanded combat probes) can find you, so Deep Safes are probably not as useful as they once were…always keep moving/warping between safe spot and creating new random ones along the way.

Thanks for the question, WhiteRice I hope you find it useful.

~ by Manasiv5 on January 7, 2010.

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  1. Just something you may wish to edit, the 'Focused Warp Disruption' Script actually gives a focused point with a variable range based upon your ranks in Heavy Interdictor, just like the bubble. It is actually between 25.2 and 30km in range.

    Otherwise, great info and thanks for posting it!

  2. Thanks Manasi!

    Great info! I will definitely keep it in mind when I venture out of high-sec.

    Fly safe!

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