Hello SV5..eat my bullet

Sunday, was well… hoping to be a big day.  I hopped on early and checked in with command and went about some housekeeping duties with Corporation and the Alliance.

Word came through that we were going to help some of the -A- folks, and I might add that Mr. Rifter Drifter himself, Wensley is now among thier vaulted ranks.  We rolled down the pipe heading for a system off of HED.  SV5, maybe it has been in the news of late?  Oh yes the 852 people in that system were fighting so SyS-K entered the fray.

Ceptacemia did well, 1 guy losing his BS, but many of the others scoring many kills, target calling going on for 25 minutes.  Carnage well everywhere, and well I could not load the grid…for 25 minutes.  No brackets, all graphics set to low, no grid. I missed out completely on that fight.  I was frustrated beyond measure as I waited 10 hours for a good fight and when I got there i could not even participate. So far we have logged 128 kills and 35 losses.

After waiting about 2 hours, I logged back in to a whopping 14 people in system.  I jumped to HED, warped to a nearby bridge and made my way back to 49-U6U.

To say the fighting is ongoing is an understatement. There are certainly lulls in the battle, but the 4-0 gate trades hands constantly.  So I could not jump in system. Dejected, I missed out on ANOTHER fight I docked up nearby.

Our new recruits are doing well, some learning that 0.0 fighting  is nothing like mission running, others realizing that spending 130M on a ship does not guarantee that it wont be vaporized in minutes.

The ISD reporting has been well how do we say this tactfully, absolute BULLSHIT. They tried to interview the alliance leader while he was calling targets for pete’s sake.  So they took that as ‘no comment’ and reported from there, what a pile of crap. Battlefield reporting is always tough but come on now, don’t run up to the commanding general while the fight in progress and expect him to stop calling orders while he explains what he is doing.

I am almost at 350kills.

NO losses yet so perhaps I am doing something right.

I will keep you posted, faithful readers…good hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on January 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “Hello SV5..eat my bullet”

  1. Added you to our blogroll, even though you have that f****t CK on yours. I enjoyed this post.

  2. Damn! 852 people in one system, 687 kills in 49-U according to your map in the last post… and people wonder why there's lag in EVE ?!?!

    I totally agree that this ISD guy is a schmuck though.

    • Well sadly the lag monster really does exist…I thin the upgrade to the 64 bit DB really has shot them in the foot on this one

  3. 1.) Playing Devil's Advocate for ISD. Who would have thunk that the Alliance leader was acting as FC? OTOH, "no comment" is a bit harsh.

    2.) How DO you guys afford 130M ship losses? A couple of those and I'd be back in my Merlin.

    • Why interview anyone DURING a battle? As for him being a Target caller sometimes he just is…he is very good FC. A properly fit T1 BS is roughly 130M ( maybe a bit less if I think about it) but close to that.

      Thanks for the comments!

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