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Last night, SyS-K (Systematic-Chaos), -A-(triple A), C0ven,Legiunea ROmana had, well…. sort of a setback.  I logged into the wonderful system that is 49-U6U, and while waiting for the fleet to form we recieved the notice: ” One of Corporation X’s SBU ( Sovereignty Blockade Units) has been destroyed.” By the time our fleet was organized two other messages of the same type had been triggered, we filed a petition, and was told nothing could be ‘done’ at that time about it.

You generally will not find me bitching and moaning about stuff in game.  Stuff happens and well stuff did.  Here is my concern:  The SBU’s were destroyed before the infrastructure hub & the outpost came out of reinforced timer.  This is clearly not allowed and a violation of how things (according to the absolutely minimal amount of information they give us) were supposed to work, as best we know.

Goons, being goons took advantage of the opportunity as could be expected, and destroyed the SBU’s, the real crux of the issue is the original time the SBU’s were to become invulnerable was 03:30 not 01:50.  We have many screen captures with times etc on them, and having assaulted the system before we knew how it was done.  SO what was the root cause?  the change in downtime from 09:00 instead of the normal 11:00 to 12:00.  CCP wants to change the time, hell they can do what they want so no problem, but why are the timers screwed up when the system is restarted early?  That is the damned good question.

I say sort of a setback as we really do NOT know what CCP will do.  Will they restore the SBU’s?  Will they reset them to the same time? Only CCP knows at this moment.

Look at the chart below:

Here is the critical piece of info from the Dev blogs:

Vulnerability states

SBU(s) are vulnerable while being anchored and on-lining. ~ ours was anchored and online Does not apply

Once an Outpost and/or Infrastructure Hub is reinforced, the SBU(s) enter a parallel reinforcement cycle. That means that the SBU(s) are invulnerable as long as there are no vulnerable structures in system.  (this means the I-hub and the outpost share the SIMILAR timerthis was clearly NOT the case as when the SBU’s fell the I-hub was invulnerable as was the outpost.

If the Outpost and Infrastructure Hub are vulnerable, so is the SBU(s). If the Infrastructure Hub is vulnerable and the outpost is not, then the SBU(s) are vulnerable. If the Outpost and Infrastructure Hub are vulnerable, so is the SBU(s). ~ the I-hub nor the station were vulnerable Does not apply

SO CCP exactly how did our SBU’s get destroyed? A glitch? A bug? Someone at CCP who is a member of Goons deliberately starting the server early?

Admittedly a goon source has said he saw no such trickery happening..my issue is that multiple people reported the reinforcement timer at 1 time when we came in day 1 but another time day 2!

Admittedly the last one is a real stretch but it certainly needs to be fixed.

In website news I would like your opinion:

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Hey all you faithful followers I am looking at a major revision to the theme

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Those who answer other can you list a good theme?

The reason I ask is that I do not want to change the site so radically without at least ASKING, in the past, people have commented that even for the folks that are color blind they can still read this site.

Some might say “Do what you want…it is your site” and while I agree 99% of the time, never let it be said I didn’t at least ASK those of you who read this blog.

This goes for all you I-phone ladies and gentlemen too who read this through Capsuleer.

All joking aside I do appreciate it when people give me an opinion..hell even if I do not agree with it someone took the time to write it…so for those lazy people…if you like a post there is now a way to say you liked it without even writing it

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  1. As it happens, I'm a member of goonfleet and was in the fleet that destroyed the SBUs, and I can vouch, 100%, that no bug took place.

    The Ihub and the station have different reinforcement timers. The station timer is visible from anywhere in the system, but the ihub timer is only visible if you fly up to it and check (in 49-, it's at planet 1). I was there before the SBUs came out of reinforced and I can personally confirm that the ihub timer was counting down all day and ended reinforced just as the SBUs became vulnerable. Timing the op for the station reinforcement was an oversight, albeit a very easy one to make because the station timer is visible system wide.

    The Goonswarm cap fleet op was set before the early downtime and was correct down to the minute, so the early downtime did not mess anything up.

    • ahh this contradicts what I was told, as I did not see it with my own eyes I will have to rely on your version ( as I have yet to speak to anyone in my fleet yet. Thanks for the information Iantime

  2. There's a two-hour plus/minus window on the exit from reinforce. It's mentioned as the "random factor" that determines the exact time in the dev blog on Dominion Sovereignty (Nov 11). There's a dev discussion in the boards on expanding this window too, but regardless of the extent, the probability of exit is a distribution (probably Gaussian) with the peak at the set time. It's most likely to come out of reinforce near the time preferred, but it's still possible, no matter how unlikely, to come out at the very edge of this window. In your case the range of exit from reinforce was 01:30-05:30.

    The better discussion is at the link below; this particular "feature" is mentioned after the first flurry of dev comments on page 1.

    I have yet to actually take part in a sovereignty op – are you intended to know the time that the defenders have set, or are you told the actual time of exiting reinforce? If you're supposed to be notified with the actual time, then it seems in this case the game mechanics glitched and gave you the Goon settings instead. If all CCP has intended you to have is the defender's preferred time, then it seems everything was working and the process was misunderstood.

  3. I think this current template is easier to read on an iPhone than Hemingway, but many WordPress blogs have an awesome mobile version. I am not sure if that is part of standard templates, or if it is an add on…

  4. I point you towards COAD, while quite the cesspit of nothingness and U mad?~~~ Tomcat made a post about how their station was taken with the timers being screwed up.

    It's not just your side. Everyone has the bugs. Thanks to CCP and their wonderful code.

    Hopefully they get the kinks worked out soon.

  5. i've used hemingway before. good code, great concept, but a little outdated. the original dev of hemingway is not keeping it up to date. there's been a few "hacks" of it to get it to current WP widget standards, but none that i really was fond of.

    the other popular one is chaotic soul, but that's used quite a bit, and also is out of date and not maintained any more.

    i would definitely suggest a widget ready current theme that is maintained regularly and is web standards compliant. (that's not a lot to ask, is it?)

    i used a modified autofocus by allan cole (google it) for my site, and it works great, so you don't have to necessarily go with the boring usual looking bloggy sites. rettic's site (the chronofile) is also a good example of non-traditional blog theme – although his theme is built around a tumblr system, but it's a nice alternative to traditional blogging.

  6. If you had not put the Outpost into reinforcement, then the SBUs would not be invulnerable. The SBUs are only invulnerable when ihub AND outpost are in reinforcement timers. If you had not attacked the outpost, wouldn't it still be vulnerable?

    • perhaps I need to edit my post. the timers on the SBU were originally scheduled to leave reinforcement (and be vulnerable) at 03:30 ( as were the station and the I-hub) this somehow magically changed to 01:45 or so due to the change in downtime…does that help? SO that the SBU became vulnerable BEFORE either the station OR the I-hub.

      • Ah certainly a timer bug then. Hope CCP sorts things out for yall, those SBUs are certainly not cheap, but more importantly the effort loss to put them in place.

      • SBU don't have timers.

  7. I thought it was that if the i-hub OR outpost were vulnerable, then the SBU are vulnerable. This is because the i-hub and outpost have different timers.

    • We never attacked the outpost. Just the i-hub. In either case the SBU's came out EARLIER than they were supposed to, due to change in server downtime.

  8. A theme change might be good, though I voted to keep this one because I didn't know what other options you might consider. I really dislike Hemingway, myself, because I don't like the way it organizes the front page.

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