Operation..Break 49-U6U

Battle report:

Location: Querious Region

Time: 03:30 -05:50

Enemy: 195 lost approximately 140 Battleships ** numbers vary wildly this is an estimate**

Operation: ” Break 49-U6U” has begun with a STELLAR night of operations.

FC: classified

The Goons showed up ( so props for showing up to a good fight) and got their asses trounced.  The members of the fleet hailed from several alliances:

  • -A- or Triple A
  • Ushra’khan
  • SyS-k or Systematic Chaos ( that’s us)
  • C0ven
  • Legiunea ROmana
  • IT

Needless to say the system was lagged quite heavily


I-hub comes out of reinforced, and the major fleets warp in to engage.  Fighting commences and most of it is a blur.  But the battle lasted for 2 hour 5 minutes…solid.

Goons stayed on the field ( which was surprising ) Our FC was calling targets for an hour and a fifteen minutes straight.  The fire withered the enemy fleet as soon as we would lock they would drop into armor and explode. I watched our our lead PvP director suffered some major fire but lived through it  at least twice.  I saw our CEO warp our with 6% structure and repeatedly went back again and again.  Many of our new recruits proved VERY capable.  As for me, when I was locked, I would warp out and then back in at range.

The tempest “sally’s best” survived for almost 1.5 hours until I picked a bad warp in and got pinned down.  Losing the ship ( but not he pod ) { not one catches the gingerbread man..excpet a gate camp bubble} I warped INTO an small enemy gate camp on the other side of the 49- gate in 4-0 system.  I was podded back to FAT.  I hopped in my Curse ( jani’s best) and we rallied a small fleet.  We stormed the gate-camp in 4-0 on the 49-u6u gate and ran the “fail camp” off. Not that they did not have firepower but they just ran as soon as they saw the mixed fleet that dropped on them.  We jumped through and the gate being clear we warped to the I-hub.  Engaging the I-hub SyS-K  “sieged” our dreadnought fleet and pounded the shit out of the i-hub. At one point our FC ( in a damanation ) took the full firepower of the enemy fleet and our logistics kept him up and running.  That good readers is quite a feat.  The logistics pilots were all on the game to be sure.

Even though I lost a Tempest the result for “sally’s best” were phenomenal. Downed 20 Enemy battleships( there were certainly 30 more but for some reason kill-boards only show these), it goes to show a properly fitted fleet will just wipe the floor with a moderately disorganized force.  To their credit, the Goons on the field ( and some ZA) stayed to fight…so for the first time I will offer a modicum of respect to those Goonswarm pilots who fought in 49-U6U last night.  Well played Gentlemen.

The Various killboards were still updating as I logged last night, and my numbers are only so accurate, needless to say the majority of the allied fleets did very well.  Special note to the -A- and the Ushra’khan guys.  Kick ass fighting!

Also special note goes to the Volatile Nature pilot “BR” he was leading a small subset of the fleet that steamrolled the 49- gate in 4-0, you sir deserve a drink for the FC’ing in that small skirmish fleet.

To date I have NEVER participated in such a long fight, nor survived nearly as long as I did, and lastly I have never had more fun on Tranquility ( expect for  using the DD on singularity against a GoonSwarm carrier and “one shotting” it)

Till the next fight safe jumping !

~ by Manasiv5 on January 16, 2010.

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  1. I miss PvP and definitely need to get back into it soon. Just so busy with other stuff. Gratz on
    a good fight and giving props to your opponents.

    Also want to let you know my blog "My God, it's full of stars!" has a new URL: http://danteedmundo.blogspot.com/
    Sorry for inconvenience.

  2. Absolutely epic sounding fight. Glad things are going good for you out there! Makes me long for some large-fleet engagements! 🙂

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