Supercarrier's …..ho!

New patch notes are out and all you Super Carrier pilots can rejoice a bit.

the   shortlist:

Super Carrier

  • Jump range increased to 5LY
  • Fighter Bombers directly controlled by the pilot…cannot offload control as you can with fighters
  • “massive HP boost” ~ direct quote from the patch notes
  • Increase to shield, armor & structure for Super Carriers

The Sovereignty short list:

  • TCU HP have been doubled
  • TCU online time reduced to 8 hours
  • reinforcement randomization increased to +3/-3 hours
  • SBU’s have an HP increase and a increase to resistances to make them easier to rep and harder to kill ( maybe they are seeing something~ and hopefully reading this blog a bit)

Lots of UI changes ( mainly to the mail options)

  • right clicking to delete mails..without having to select them
  • Color coding of mails

Killmail updates

  • kill mail system has been borked for some time hopefully now it will show actual damage AND you won’t mysteriously “lose” any

EvE voice

  • The ability to change the gender of your voice…oh no that wont be abused at all…lol

One interesting note:

  • CCP Tuxford can no longer shut down TQ on a whim.  I Wonder what this is about eh?

~ by Manasiv5 on January 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “Supercarrier's …..ho!”

  1. CCP Tuxford:

  2. CCP Tuxford = resident hamster? 🙂

  3. Ooh, Colour coordinated mail.

  4. Just a quick note on the randomization – that's actually probably going to be worse for EUers if USers compensate by moving their preferred time back.

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