Guns, Ammo, and Skills

In reading Kirth Kodachi’s post about the difference between and Maelstrom and a Tempest, I started thinking at what level do the skills and guns you can fly matter? I think I knew the answer read below if your curious.

I deciding to evaluate the Rokh and the Tempest in several regards:

  1. What is the DPS when setup for a fleet fight (T2) so that it can shoot for Range or for Damage
  2. What is the difference in the damage & Range  between the T1 variant and the T2 variants? (what do I load in the guns?)
  3. Is it worth it to go for the T2 Gun?


The Rokh is a GREAT sniper capable of EXTREME range.  For the initial DPS graph I used the following  2 builds:

HIGH 8 T1 compressed Coil 425MM or the  T2 Variant 425MM Railgun II’s

MID 2 X Sensor Boosters II’s (Targeting Range Script)  2 X tracking Computers II’s (Optimal Range Script)

LOW 1 X tracking Enhancer II’s,  2 X Magnetic Stabilizers II

Here is the table I came up with ( all skills at level 5 )

[table id=6 /]

basically the info as expected shows DPS between Lead and Spike almost the same, whereas the difference between Antimatter and Javelin are a bit different.

Here is the not so noticeable things:

  • Optimal of Spike is 274 KM vs Lead at 146 KM
  • Total range of Javelin is only 85.9 KM but up close nothing better packs a punch

Answer to question 1:The DPs of the fleet fit (t2) is 322.1 with the Spike  and 499.26 with the Javelin

Answer to question 2:

Gun load @  LONG RANGE: Range  difference is 128.3KM!  ;Damage difference is 5.82 DPS .  Long range sniping go for the Spike extra distance provides a good buffer for you

Gun Load @ SHORT RANGE: range Difference is 34.9 KM; Damage difference is 80.05 DPS Short range go for the Carry AM if your poor and Javelin if you have some money to burn the Javelin is for extreme short range, while AM will work out to about 73 KM

Answer to question 3: Hell yes the extra range when in sniper mode + the extra DPS when in brawler mode definitely make T2 guns in the Rokh a fearsome sight.


The Tempest or ‘pest’ affectionately is also a decent sniper in it’s own right, while her DPS numbers do correlate well to the Rokh , the Rokh definitely has the edge in range, the Tempest has the edge in single massive first punch.

Setup used:

HIGH 6 X 1400 MM Prototype Guass gun

MID 2 X Sensor Boosters II’s (Targeting Range Script)  2 X tracking Computers II’s (Optimal Range Script)

LOW 1 X Tracking Enhancer II , 2 X Gyrostabilizers II’s

Here is the table I came up with ( all skills at level 5 )

[table id=7 /]

One of the recent changes to ammo shows a bit of difference between the hybrid rail ammo ( Lead and the Spike as little different) here the change is significant in the Proton and the Tremor.

Not so noticeable things, ** I stuck with DPS as it is a broad measurement but for the artillery the greatest damage is the Alpha, or first strike.

  • Alpha strike of the Proton is 3164.26 vs the Javelin of the Rokh at 2795, is quite valuable information
  • The Alpha of Quake ammo is a huge 10, 169.14!

Answer to question 1: DPS in a standard Fleet setup ( t2)  is 329.45 for Tremor 576.54 Quake.

Answer to question 2:

Gun load @  LONG RANGE: Range  difference is 22.6 KM  ;Damage difference is 150.05 DPS .  Long range sniping go for the Tremor extra distance+ superior firepower.

Gun Load @ SHORT RANGE: range Difference is 19.4 KM; Damage difference is 1459.98 DPS Short range go for the EMP..javelin’s optimal is just too damned close, and if your in that close either Amarr or Gallente boats will chew you to pieces.  If you do not worry about cost pick up the Quake and extra 2500, per volley might be worth it.

Answer to question 3: Good Lord yes.  Extra range, extra DPS and a 7.5K volley up close and 10K volley if using Quake.


Ok some caveats, this is not a dissertation on ammo and guns I have done my best to replicate my answers on my spreadsheet and to make sure things are as accurate as I can get them.

I set out to answer three main things, if I am in a Rokh/Tempest should I go with T2 Guns and T2 Ammo, what are my ranges? Lastly, what ammo should I load?

The Pilots are all level 5 so YOUR levels will vary.

If some peice of math is way off or I screwed something up let me know and I will adjust it as needed.


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8 Responses to “Guns, Ammo, and Skills”

  1. The volley damage on that Tempest is absolutely terrifying.

    I never knew how far out Rails could hit with spike, I think I’d still prefer the damage of those Projectiles though.

    It’d be interesting if you could do one of these for Amarr BS… I’ve never taken part in a null sec sniper fleet nor do I use battleships much but I’m guessing an Apoc could hit quite far and fairly hard?

  2. Fine!! I'll train the dangblasted Large Railgun V skill, but I'm still not coming out to play with you big scary 0.0 people…yet. 🙂

  3. Nice analysis of range & DPS. Don't forget to take into account the downsides of T2 ammo, though. Spike's tracking penalty makes target selection important and Javelin's penalty to ship speed really limits its usefulness. I tend to choose faction anti-matter for close range work and faction tungsten in situations where I need better tracking at long range.

  4. Great post, just one quibble. Since the range of rails on a Rokh using Spike ammo is ludicrous and beyond the targeting range of most pilots/ships, we typically don't put a Tracking Enhancer in the lows, instead prefering to use a third Magnetic Field Stab. Doesn't change the conclusions though.

    • Fair enough bro i dropped that in to try to compare the Tempest to the Rokh, yea they are different beasts though I should see what that third mag stab will do.

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