Overview Setup..version 4

Many moons ago I created an Overview guide that many people used.  My switches back and forth between servers has made many of the old post with pictures not nearly as valuable as they used to be… so I have recreated it per Bob’s wish 🙂

P.S. while I was updating the Screen shots the server crashed last night so I will update this as I can.

P.P.S. I also added posts to different categories and will allow people to search through those to find posts …the serach feature isn’t working near as well as I would like.

This setup is designed with several ideas in mind:

1) Do not ever shoot a friendly…as Dee Carson said once..friendly fire.. isn’t!

2) the Overview setting controls three main areas, the background, the chat channels and the overview window.  NEVER EVER EVER target via the background window. ALWAYS target via the overview.

PvP Overview setup:

  1. RED BOLD ~ mandatory
  2. blue Italics ~ optional
  3. Green italics ~ take note
  4. Underlines ~ different groups within the Types tab

To start, right click the little white triangle next to the Overview name.


[table id=8 /]

Some notes about the types:

Start with all checked or none. I deselect all.  If you want different overviews with different ships the Types tab is the place to come.  Use the same states for all overviews ( unless you are a logistics pilot in which case you want to use the opposite and only show friendlies of particular types of ships)

  • If you mine obviously the Asteroids tab is for you..pvp avoid this tab

    • Sun ~ always a good warp to point if you don’t have an escape Tab set.
    • Beacons show the cynosural fields …these are important.
    • Wrecks are also located here
  • Charge
    • Bombs hurt select these
  • Deployable
    • Mobile warp disruption fields are nasty
  • Drones is optional but can lag out your system
    Entity nothing important for PvP

    • Pirates ~ show the pirates at the gates
  • Ships
    • Select as many as you need.. I have 4 pvp setups.. shows All ships…show Support ships ( BC and below) and Battleships and Capitals
  • Sov structures
    • The IH, SBU and TCU on the overview if needed
  • Station..do not bother



check the following boxes:

[table id=9 /]

Some notes about the States:

This is the most CRITICAL part of the setup..the setup I am asking people to use is NOT the one i specifically use for two main reasons:

  1. People MUST learn to setup the overview according to THEIR alliance
  2. Those NOT in alliances might need some of these settings
  • Security Status below 0, Bounty, are optional ( Security Status below 0, for some reason or other, this seems to alleviate many issues with pilots NOT showing up in any other sort of state as described below)
  • Bad standing, Horrible standing, Neutral standing ( if you live under NRDS take this one off, or leave it checked if you live under NBSI) and Outlaw should always be checked
  • Pilot is at war, should also always be checked
  • Wreck already viewed, Wreck is empty are optional as this can really lag out your system



  • check all the Colortags in that tab
  • check all in the Backgrounds tab ***personal preference
  • check all in the Ewar tab



Columns show on the overview as such they contain good information I use the following:

  1. Icon ( optional)
  2. Distance (critical)
  3. Type ( critical)
  4. Name (critical)
  5. Velocity ~ to kill someone they had better be going slower than you
  6. Traversal Velocity ~ for gunnery to be effective this number should be low as possible
  7. Angular Velocity~ While I do not use this some do and claim it is great way of when to know when to shoot



From the filter tab click the triangle  and save current selection type as whatever you want to call it (mine is PvP)


Overview Tabs

The easiest way to use this is to realize there are bracket profiles & overview profiles.  Make them match up.  i.e. you have a PvP overview make that the selection for both Overview profile and the bracket profile.  If this confuses you too much simply select no brackets from this, or leave it blank

Bracket profile deserve some mention here but I want to keep the post as short as I can.



When I go into a fleet fight I turn off all brackets ( brackets are the small little icons that show on the main screen i.e. the gates, planets, asteroids etc, stopping the rendering all those)  works incredible well I have been in 49-U6U with over 1300  people and seen lower lag with my PvP overview and all brackets turned off.

~hope it helps


~ by Manasiv5 on January 22, 2010.

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  1. A note on the benefit of angular velocity on the overview for turret ships. Transversal is alright, but you can't do an absolute comparison to your guns attributes. Angular velocity can be compared directly to the tracking of your guns. If angular velocity > tracking, you will start missing your target.

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