Damn the torpedo's…FIRE!

Date: Jan 23rd 2010 &  Jan 24th 2010

Location: D-GTMI, Providence Region

Current Sov Holder: CVA

Losses: According to Dotlan Maps, 836 Ship kills and 439 Pod kills in the last 48 Hours, that is a total number so far data is still coming in…

Logged in Saturday and made my way to Providence, seems we were going to pay CVA a little visit, have tea, drink a carbonated beverage, and eliminate them with extreme prejudice.

Mixed fleet

This was some of our fleet camping a station.


  1. Goons and their favorite little pets: Bricksquad, and Darkside showed up, because they showed up, there were some good fights.
  2. CVA ships melted VERY FAST
  3. The node crashed ( yet again ) but came back up VERY quickly..in a strange twist I never lost connection but had to re-log to get synced back up.
  4. I hub went into reinforced both times
  5. Bombers played a much lesser role than previous battles
  6. Bubble placement was a big thing

Interdictor Bubbles

CVA Warp disruption bubbles

I counted 13 bubbles in this pic taken just before I went poof ( notice the 2% structure :))


  • Tempest did very well
    • 13 kills with this hull
    • 1400MM hit hard but in high lag I found their cycle time to be a real detriment
    • She was destroyed near the waning end of the engagement
  • Apocalypse did even better
    • 9 kills so far with this hull
    • Tachyon Lasers have some nice range even with Radio crystals can push out some DPS
    • She escaped the battle undamaged
  • CEPTA did exceptionally well
    • Saturday 57 Kills
    • Sunday12 kills (kill boards are still updating+ the rollback 15 minutes may have stripped some kills )
    • Every pilot in the Corp showed up to fight.
  • SyS-K did very well
    • 268 Kills Saturday
    • 150 kills Sunday (*** still updating a bit + the rollback 15 minutes may have stripped some kills)

~ by Manasiv5 on January 25, 2010.

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  1. HAHA Well ty sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

  2. Some fool gave this post 1 star. I pumped it up for ya. 🙂

    See you on the field.

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