Why do I love EvE?

CK asks all of a us a good question:


Why do you love EVE Online so much?

Damn good question there Dear Blogfather. Damned good question.

I have played other MMO’s, many of them in fact but only 1 keeps me coming back.  EvE.

SO here are my reasons:

  1. I loathe any ‘grind’
  2. No matter how much I absorb about EvE I cannot know it all
  3. The longer I play the better I get
  4. There is no “I win” button

SO lets look deeper

The “Grind” epitomized by my devotion to SWG from SoE.  I worked for 6 months to be a ‘Jedi’ in that game, 1 week before I was to finish…they gave it to everyone.  I was one of 200,000 that left. In WoW, I played a Paladin and the “grind” again reared it’s ugly head..I worked on & ran every dungeon in the game at a time , and after I had most of the gear I wanted…there was simply nothing left for me to do.  LOTRO, was a grind fest in places.  Having been a fan of this work (Tolkien) for 35 years (since i was five and my mom would read the hobbit to me) sadly, this turned into another grind for gear ( granted much has changed since I left) Once I hit the “grind” I generally do not return to any game I leave . There are several other MMO’s I have played, but in EvE there is nothing I am required to grind.  If I want to run missions ( which I no longer do, because of the grinding that this one part of EVE entails)Yet, if I want to do it, I can but if I do not want to do the same thing over again I do not HAVE to.  This freedom to play is the main reason why I love EvE so much.  I like to hop in my chair, step out of the real world for a while, and engage in combat that is difficult to do, tough to master and pumps the adrenaline like no other game ever.

Having played since May 31st, 2003 I have seen the game change remarkably.  Things I used to know, no longer mean anything ( warping to 0, gate bookmarks)  This is one of the best things and at times the worst things about this game, as there is little that is actually revealed about EvE by the developers the rest has to be discovered.  I am definitely a researching kind of player.  I read EVERYTHING I can about EvE, and still know about 10% of it.  This keeps me mentally engaged. Every time new patches are coming I become a rabid reader about changes and what this change or that change could possibly mean. The reason I am such a rabid reader is that Information is power in this game.

The longer I play this game the easier it is to adapt to changes and the better I become. I have taken a very long breaks in the past, since 2007 I have been  playing non-stop.  I have 2 alts one to explore Carriers ( she is a Thanatos Pilot ) The other is a regular Gallente pilot and will soon be able to use T2 blasters and T2 rails on the Gallente Battleships. Things that I used to know are irrelevant ( speed tanking on vagabonds for example), while the search for more has brought me to the point where I will soon engage in Capital fights, before too long. Some things hold true, the better skills the pilot has the easier it is to fit a ship, use a module, and the more time you have piloting a ship the better you become at tactics involving the ship.

After much searching and even attempting to become the BEST in any MMO I realized there is not, NOR SHOULD there be an “I win” button/ship/module/etc.  Anything for me that makes someone invulnerable, un-hittable, and omnipotent I cannot stand.  Whatever levels the playing fields in my view is a win, EvE has lots of small issues ( and the server lag is now a large issue) but the core thing they strive to achieve is BALANCE.  This is not lost on me, nor is it under-appreciated by me.

That is the long and the short of it folks.

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3 Responses to “Why do I love EvE?”

  1. "Information is power"

    That there is powerful information! You could charge for it.
    You've got me thinking about how you old hands have seen the game change and had to adapt and survive, whilst us youngsters are fresh to it with relatively few changes behind us. Never really considered that before.
    Anything that you really wish was the same as "in the old days"?

  2. This perfectly fits the reasons I play EVE, grinding ain’t required that’s what’s great about it.

  3. Very nicely put! Funny how it becomes easier to roll with the nerfs the longer you play eve 🙂

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