Death in two acts

Act 1

Locations: Delve, Querious, Period Basis

It seems Goonswarm didn’t pay their bills and lost Sov in oh I don’t know  31 systems!  Last night I hopped in a  fleet and was there when TPAR switched to SyS-K hands. Kind of a bittersweet moment as there was no one there to oppose us.

Remember this map:

Having fought in TPAR before we were kind of hoping that we would gain this system, but well without so much as a whimper it changed hands. Pathetic really…seems Zenith Affinity had given up.

Many are talking about karma ( ie. the former owners of this space lost their Sov in well a similar manner) and the fact that GoonSwarm didn’t pay the damned bill is really kinda funny ( unless you are part of GoonSwarm, in which case it is kinda sad panda day for you )

No, I will resist a gleeful shout or anything along those lines.

Oh one note the goon pets Zenith Affinity are fail cascading as a result.  Later fellas, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Act 2

Location: D-G

Enemy : CVA

Number in System Aprox 750

After the fall of TPAR,  SyS-k & CEPTA and myself wanted a good fight, so we went to CVA space.  Made our way through a jump bridge network, and titan bridged to GE-.  The -A- (triple A) fleet was at their POS, and they jumped into the fray first.  We waited for the remainder of  our fleet to catch up to us, and then we jumped in.  We jumped into a large gate camp, for a moment I thought we would be beat up badly, but we were not.  We got what we wished.  A very large battle cruiser fleet was waiting for us in D-G, but here is a tip.  Do not bring a BC fleet to a Battleship fight.  They got smoked in a bad way.  Granted, there were a few battleships on the field from the start but they were eliminated and the battle cruisers (while a very nice ship) simply cannot stand against the firepower of  battleships ‘en masse’.

My Apocalypse battleship again showed her measure in surviving this fight as well. SyS-k knows how to fight in heavy lag and for some this was still a real issue, although for me not  any where close to the 1200 person fight in 49-U6U.

Also another pro tip. locking me up in a fight is not wise..several BC hulls tried that and they would have done well had I been in range but at 120KM im in optimal baby and these Tachyon’s were smoking. 79 kills and 4 losses for our fleet (kill boards are still not showing everything ) but you get the idea.

What difference a day makes, who would have thought that 2 tactical objectives would be met i the same day!

Some closing thoughts , personally people that want to wreck the game ( Goonswarm’s desire from the start) meant that I did not respect these guys at all when we started fighting them.  Turns out not all of them think that way(which is good), for those of you who lost your Sov due to a non payment of bills I offer you the same sympathy I offered to BoB/kenzoku/IT …I wish we would have won those systems fighting you instead.

~ by Manasiv5 on January 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Death in two acts”

  1. Oh, and for the record, Zenith Affinity didn't fail cascade or give up. They recognized that the only shot they had of holding anything in the Southeast was if the highly strategic Delve centers like NOL and J-L remained in Goon hands, so they basically abandoned their own space to try to help hold those systems. If we had prevented the J-L and NOL TCUs from onlining, this whole situation might be different.

    • You are probably correct here as well..(i'm just making fun of them) I don't like the ZAF guys( in-game) and therefore I was teasing them.

  2. The Goonfleet directorate was a disaster. The money was in the wrong wallet, and the CFO and CEO basically went stealth-AFK. So people were basically shocked because it was like "we've got hundreds of billions of ISK, how could we not have paid the bill", but apparently something (people swear it was the 1.1 patch, but it may have been idiocy) reset which wallet the sov bills came out of, so we had a hundred billion ISK to pay that bill sitting in the wrong wallet, and the people who could fix that with a button-click weren't logging in.

    It really is kind of unfortunate that everyone lost out on the opportunity for an amazing Delve III war, and it doesn't say great things about the game itself that the only way people have been removed from the best region of the game is after having lost sov without battle.

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